Donald Rumsfeld Chats With Al-Jazeera


Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sat down for two interviews with al-Jazeera last week.  The first was with veteran interviewer David Frost – yes, the “Frost/Nixon” guy.  He has a weekly show on al-Jazeera these days.  By all accounts, his chat with Rumsfeld went very well, which makes it much less interesting than the second interview.

Round 2 pitted Rumsfeld against Abderrahim Foukara, who is al-Jazeera’s Washington bureau chief.  It does not go well.  Rumsfeld ends up predicting that the network will “drop all this on the cutting room floor,” but al-Jazeera posted it on YouTube instead.

“Why should I do everything you want and you won’t do a thing I want?”

“Because I’m the interviewer!”

Al-Jazeera has truly mastered the ways of Western media.

As it happens, I exchanged emails with al-Jazeera once myself.  They wrote to ask a few questions about a story I had written.  They were extremely polite and pleasant.  Of course, I’m not Donald Rumsfeld.  With one exception, no one is.