The Face of Occupy Wall Street

Forget the romatic portrayal by the media of the lowlifes “occupying” Wall Street and the absurd comparisons to a real political movement as reflected by the Tea Party. What you’ve got in Lower Manhattan is nothing more than an anarchist freak show with no direction, no coherence and no clue. You’ve got anger, rage and, as shown here, ugly, nasty anti-Semitism.

If you make it through the video, this cretin identifies himself as The Lotion Man, and indeed, a horrifying rant where he liberally uses the n-word can be found here. Graphic language, need I say. Democrats must be bursting with pride seeing what years of their rot-gut mindset has produced. Take a bow, folks, job well done.

By the way, “lotion man” has its own Urban Dictionary definition. Make of that what you will.

Rich Lowry perfectly summarizes this lunatic freakshow.

The Tea Party had such an impact because it had a better claim on Middle America than its adversaries. It wrapped itself in our history and patriotic trappings. It plugged into the political system and changed the course of the country in the 2010 elections. The left went from ridiculing it to envying it.

Occupy Wall Street is both more self-involved and more ambitious than the Tea Party. This free-floating radicalism’s fuzzy endpoint is a “revolution” no one can precisely describe, but the thrust of which is overturning capitalism as we know it. If elected Democrats dare associate their party with this project, they need immediately to consult their nearest psychiatrist and political consultant, in that order.

Occupy Wall Street is toxic and pathetic, the perfect distillation of an American left in extremis.

We should start referring to Obama and his party as Occupy Wall Street Democrats.