Chris Christie Continues Presidential Non-Run


New Jersey governor Chris Christie held a press conference today to announce that he absolutely will not be running for President, no matter how many FedEx packages farmers might send to his children:

Essentially, Christie confirmed what everyone already knew.  A lot of people have been urging him to make a run for the Oval Office.  He thought very seriously about the matter, discussed it with his strongly supportive family, and decided “now is not my time.”

“I have a commitment to New Jersey that I simply will not abandon,” Christie said.  He was unsparing in his criticism of President Obama, who he said has “failed the leadership test”… even though there are unspecified “areas” where Christie said he “agrees” with the President.

This leaves the Republican primary as a three-man race at the moment… and Herman Cain is now tied for second place, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.  They’ve got Mitt Romney in the lead at 25%, followed by Cain and Rick Perry tied at 16% each.  That represents a 13-point drop for Perry, and a 12-point climb for Cain, over the past few weeks. 

Romney’s numbers don’t seem to move much, a phenomenon reflected in several different polls.  That could mean he’s having trouble expanding his base of support… or it might be an admirably stable plot of polling ground to occupy, while the other candidates slug it out in a crowded primary field.  I wouldn’t think the Romney camp is dejected at the sight of Rick Perry sliding past them on his way to 13%.