Glenn Beck Launches the 'Netflix' of Free Speech

Glenn Beck’s calling his new venture the “information Netflix.”  GBTV is the name, and if you’ve read our big profile on Beck in the latest issue of HUMAN EVENTS, you’ll know that he already boasts a larger number of subscribers than Oprah has viewers over at OWN.
And if you haven’t read the piece, um, I’m not sure what you’re waiting for?  Until you’re put on Obama’s special watch list?  Hello, if your fingers typed in to get you over to this page, I hate to break it to you, but you’re already on the White House predator page.  In fact, you know that comment you just posted moments ago on our site about the heart-pounding level of anxiety Joe Biden must give his press secretary every time the veep opens his mouth?  Well go ahead and smile, because that too got you flagged by Obama zombies scouring the Internet for all the brutally honest things you’re writing about this administration that are unacceptable to their statist eyes.
Beck, of course, knows a lot about causing leftist panic attacks.  In fact, the Left should personally thank Glenn Beck for all those jobs he personally created over at Media Matters while he was hosting his 5 p.m. show at Fox News.
So what’s life after Fox like?
HUMAN EVENTS had the opportunity to sit down with Beck for an exclusive interview at the set of GBTV, the name of his new network.  The interview was wide-ranging, as we discussed whom he wants to see run for President, how to relay conservative ideas in 21st century vernacular, how ObamaCare hurts him as a small-business owner, and, of course, what GBTV is all about.
Here’s Part One.  Watch Beck describe the inner satisfaction it gave him to know that Manhattan liberals had to stare at his giant mug in Times Square going to and from work.