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Bachmann Rips Unspecified Opponent Over Illegal Immigration


Michele Bachmann’s campaign has released a new web ad, which is totally different from the one Mitt Romney’s campaign just released.  While Romney’s tears into Rick Perry over his support for offering discounted in-state tuition to illegal aliens, Bachmann’s ad responds to an unspecified person or persons who suggested that people who oppose offering discounted in-state tuition to illegal aliens are “heartless.” 

“Nothing could be further from the truth,” says Bachmann in the ad, which eschews flashy graphics to offer a simple, conversational statement from the candidate herself.  “It’s just that we have a mind to go with that heart.”

She goes on to suggest that America “can’t settle” for an unnamed individual who “encourage more illegal immigration through magnet policies like tuition breaks for illegal aliens or their children.”  It is unclear whether this is a reference to the same unnamed individual who said people who oppose those magnet policies are heartless.

The contrast between the Bachmann and Romney ads is interesting.  They’re going after the same perceived vulnerability with soft and hard styles of political kung fu.  Bachmann’s got the velvet touch, gently presented as a simple argument from reason.  She uses no music or graphics, dangles no bogeymen upon the screen, and presents her case personally. 

Romney’s is sleek and well-produced, dropping names that are sure to go down badly with Republican primary voters: Obama, Pelosi, and Reid.  Romney himself appears only in a clip from the Orlando GOP debate. 

Which approach is better?  And which one will certain unnamed individuals use when they strike back?


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