Beverly Perdue Spins the Wheel Again

Embattled North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue has been spinning wildly since Tuesday when her trial balloon suggestion about suspending Congressional elections exploded like the Hindenburg across the political landscape.

First, aided by her media flunkies, the story was she was joking. When that lame tale fell flat, Perdue scurried to Facebook, where she helpfully explained it was hyperbole and, to make sure the great unwashed knew what she was talking about, she even defined the word for us. So kind of her.

After two days of merciless ridicule and condemnation, her latest excuse is, wait for it … sarcasm!

On Wednesday, Perdue continued to try to walk back her comments, which her staff initially described on Tuesday as hyperbole.

“My point was one of sarcasm,” Perdue told reporters in Thomasville. “We really just need to encourage our leaders who are elected to work together and solve America’s problems.”

She added: “It was taken out of context from my perspective. But honest to goodness, who would think something like that would be said seriously. It’s ridiculous to have this kind of discussion about it.”

So now we’re obviously too stupid to have calibrated our handy-dandy Sarcasm Detector so her subtle remarks would have registered. It’s our fault!

But Republicans and other critics were not going to let her off the hook so easily. “In light of Gov. Perdue’s support for suspending Congressional elections, I want to state clearly, on the record, that I do NOT support suspending our next gubernatorial election,” said Republican Senate leader Phil Berger.

“The next time they tell you how stupid Sarah Palin is or Michele Bachmann, just think back to this day and North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue,” said Limbaugh, the conservative talk show host.

While also making excuses for Perdue, others lament the media beast that must be fed.

“They have to feed the beast, the 24-hour, seven-day-a-week demand for content,” Baym said. “There’s going to be a quick turnaround because in a couple more days this will be done, this will be over and no one will remember it. … The cycle is so fast now that yesterday’s attacks are completely forgotten and they need something new.”

Yesterday’s attacks? See, we’re just atacking poor Bev and she’s the victim now. Well, sorry, but this isn’t going away any time soon, especially since Perdue can’t seem to stop changing her story.

We’re now left wondering what the next excuse will be. Global warming, perhaps? Maybe she had that not-so-fresh feeling Tuesday morning? She was worried about the impending implosion by the Atlanta Braves and Boston Red Sox?

C’mon, humor us, Bev. The beast awaits and must be fed before everyone forgets about your idiocy.

Be assured, North Carolina Republicans won’t soon be forgetting, which is why Perdue is now the most endangered Democrat governor in the land. She’ll be on a ticket with Barack Obama, assuming he’s not thrown under the bus by panicky Democrats, so she should plan on spending more time with her family come 2013.

Since she took office in January, 2009, unemployment in North Carolina has increased from 9.2 percent to 10.4 percent last month—a loss of more than 137,000 jobs in the state.

Voter reaction has been harsh. A High Point University poll released this week shows Governor Perdue with 37 percent approval and 46 percent disapproval—effectively wiping out the small bump she received from her response to Hurricane Irene—despite Democrats outnumbering Republicans, as of Wednesday, by 775,459 registered voters.

As the poll shows, voter dissatisfaction with President Barack Obama, who narrowly carried the Tar Heel State in 2008, is at critical mass with 53 percent of respondents disapproving of his job performance.  In other words, Perdue, who doesn’t have much to run on herself, can’t depend on long coattails.

Factor in that criminal investigation into her campaign finances and we’re thinking Perdue might be eager to spend more time with the family a lot sooner than she had planned. Then she’s free to go off and hone those dazzling comedic skills of hers.