Angry, Stoned, Clueless Leftist Mobs 'Occupy Wall Street'

There were hordes of naked women, the kind of chicks that should never bare it all in public.  Ever.  There were illegal narcotics, mostly weed.  Lots and lots of weed.  There were police barriers broken, fistfights with law enforcement started, and an unseemly amount of patchouli.
If you’re thinking, “Hmm, Jason, what you’re describing must be a leftist protest,” you are correct.  Specifically, it was the gathering of unemployed Marxist sympathizers who’ve descended into NYC’s financial district to organize sit-ins and marches under the banner of what they’re calling “Occupy Wall Street.”  These “fight the power” wannabes made headlines over the weekend for their clash with the police, with more than 80 of them getting arrested for disorderly conduct, blocking traffic, and assaulting the cops.
But like most leftist demonstrations, this army of Birkenstocks has no idea what it’s supposed to be protesting and why.
Take the protesters’ chants, for starters.  Courtesy of 77 WABC, here’s what residents, taxi drivers, and tourists have been accosted with over the past week:  “The Banks Got Bailed Out, We Got Sold Out.”
Listen for yourself:

Protest Chant by HumanEvents

Forget for a moment that these smelly nitwits are protesting TARP (the Troubled Assest Relief Program) that was adopted nearly three years ago (a little late, fellas), and never mind that Obama did “bail out” the rest of us with his “stimulus,” ObamaCare and other budget-busting schemes ($4 trillion in new debt later, a total failure).  Imagine the poor out-of-towners who just happen to be sight-seeing in lower Manhattan only to encounter a gaggle of clipped-hair women sporting oversized midriffs and topless chests, spouting off mindless mantras.
Welcome to the Big Apple!
When I say these protesters really have no clue what’s going on in reality, I mean it.  Also courtesy of 77 WABC, many of the demonstrators were asked what exactly they object to.  I’m not really sure.
But then again, neither are they:
“I’m here to help people ask the question, ‘What are the ties between the monetary, financial and political systems of the whole world?’ ” exclaimed one dude.  “We’re here to take back the company, er, country from the nation’s top 1% wealthiest citizens,” barked another.  “They bailed out the banks.  They sold out the people!” said one hemp lover.
Listen and laugh!  But don’t laugh too hard.  These people are eligible to vote.  Sigh.

Why Are You At ‘Occupy Wall Street’? by HumanEvents

It would be one thing if these organic granola crunchers were protesting all the bailouts and out-of-control spending that has us drowning in red ink.  But they’re not.  In a Michael Moore-esque fashion, they’re picketing capitalism as the main culprit of our financial woes, oblivious to the fact that free markets and the Wall Street bailouts are not even in the same universe.  In fact, this hopscotching B.O. brigade wants even more government spending, not less.  One of the group’s “principles of solidarity” includes a shout-out to “collective responsibility,” which is code for demanding that we subsidize every leftist pet project.
Then there’s the other plank that promises to fight against “all forms of oppression,” whatever that means.
Truth be told, if these funky flower children were concerned about the economy and America becoming a bailout nation, they’d be staging sit-ins from San Francisco to Washington, D.C., to protest Obama’s takeover of the health-care market, which is crippling job growth, creating more dependency on Uncle Sam, and adding to an already vast national debt.  The roaming reefer smokers would then vocalize their opposition to Barack Obama squandering our tax dollars away on scandalous green groups such as Solyndra.
But no.  That would be reasonable.  Instead, these peacenik pretenders are picking fights with our men in Blue and then wailing like babies out of the womb when they get blitzed in the face with a fresh can of pepper spray.


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