Leftist Mind Control Begins With... 'Sesame Street'?

When Obama gave his deficit reduction speech on Monday, he tried to convince us that Congress should hike taxes by an extra $1.5 trillion by bizarrely citing the grand pooh-bah of the founding fathers: George Washington.  Or did that reference occur in his much-ballyhooed jobs speech?  I don’t recall.  His disturbing obsession with prattling on and on about shaking down job producers is just running together at this point.
And yet, BHO did quote Washington to buttress his plan to expand government’s confiscation of private resources.  The way Obama used Washington’s quote, though, he made it seem as if conservatives are opposed to taxation in general.  They are not.  They’re opposed to Congress stepping outside of its limited role in the Constitution.  We’ll gladly pay for those enumerated powers.
If this were a nation grounded in its identity, Obama would never have been able to take our first President out of context in the manner he did and get away with it.  Sadly, we’re a nation that has no sense of itself, which explains the media and academia’s fixation with skin color, sexuality and economic class, but not with individual property rights.
In essence, large swaths of Americans,  particularly younger ones, have drunk the Left’s Kool-Aid.  And I’m not talking about the sweet red sugary drink.  That stuff is great.  (Unless you have diabetes.  Then it can kill you!).  It’s the lib pablum that Washington Times columnist Marybeth Hicks writes about in the brand-new book, Don’t Let the Kids Drink the Kool-Aid:  Confronting the Left’s Assault on Our Family, Faith and Freedom.

“What I researched and discovered is that the Left has so successfully taken a stronghold in all the areas that our children encounter as they develop their worldview, from education, to the media, [to] pop culture,” Hicks tells HUMAN EVENTS.  “Those areas are so dominated by leftist who are proud of that fact that our kids aren’t getting any kind of balanced worldview.  And so they are adopting all the ideas and positions of the political Left, without questioning and without even understanding that there are other points of view.”
That’s how Barack can give a sermon about higher taxes using George Washington as a prop, and get hordes of Obama Zombies to cheer him on:  Obama wants more taxes!  George Washington wanted more taxes!  I want more taxes!  Let’s go give those evil corporate rich people wet willies and fleece them of everything they own!  Go Big Government!
(Watch part one of our interview with Marybeth Hicks.)

Hicks maintains that young people are targeted by the media before they are even potty-trained.  The culprit?  Well, “Sesame Street” for starters.  “Their mission is very leftist.  It’s about global citizenship for children, the multicultural diversity issue,” argues Hicks.  “They are still counting on ‘Sesame Street,’ but mostly they are counting the number of diverse peoples.”  This emphasis on political correctness wasn’t always the case, she maintains. “ ‘Sesame Street’ used to have this great mission of teaching literacy and numeracy, mostly to underprivileged kids.”  But now, Hicks states, the producers of the children’s television program slobber over how to promote egalitarianism—and multiculturalism.
“[Our kids] are being really indoctrinated to the leftist worldview from a very young age.”