Perry Pummels 'President Zero' in Latest Campaign Video

Texas governor and Republican presidential hopeful Rick Perry released an epic video this morning, attacking President Obama for his lack of leadership and mishandling of the economy. At one point in the video, the montage of news clips call President Obama ‘President Zero.’

Perry, who announced his candidacy at the RedState Gathering in Charleston, S.C. has seen a meteoric rise in the polls, and actually leads former Massachusetts govenor Mitt Romney in today’s Rasmussen Reports poll of Likely GOP voters by a 28%-24% margin.

The Michael Bay-esque video titled ‘Proven Leadership’, may look familiar to students of viral political videos and that’s because, according to POLITICO, the video was created by Lucas Baiano, the former video maestro for Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty. Before Pawlenty dropped out of the race, his videos were seen as his strongest asset, and with Baiano jumping over to Perry, expect the Texan to keep producing these very well done and inspiring videos.

Take a look: