'Please Enroll Responsibly' a College Kid's Weapon Against Leftist Brainwashing

Public policy analyst Lee Doren exposes the pervasive liberalism in higher education in his new e-book, Please Enroll Responsibly: Avoiding Indoctrination at College.  Short and concise—just over 45 pages—the book’s straight facts and figures, as well as Doren’s own background as a “recovering liberal” make it a compelling read.
After working to promote liberal ideology after college—“Before anyone had heard of a ‘community organizer,’ I listed it on my resume,” he says— Doren began to question his views while listening to conservative talk radio in law school.  By the time he had graduated, Doren had completely abandoned the political perspectives of the Left and recognized that the main cause was his lack of exposure to alternate views during his college education.
“Since that time, my goal has been to change the minds of people on the Left.  While they claim to be concerned about diversity and openness, most of them have never been exposed to alternative views.  … My focus is higher education because it had such a negative impact on what I used to believe.  I now understand the intellectual abuse students must endure.”
Please Enroll Responsibly highlights the many forms of “intellectual abuse” that students face in the college environment.  From philosophy classes such as “Taking Marx Seriously” to pulling objective test questions from liberal propaganda YouTube videos, Doren covers a wide range of absurdity in the college classroom that students are not only constantly subjected to, but must regurgitate in order to get good grades.
Doren paints a bleak picture of the political landscape of America’s colleges as compared with the general public, citing a statistic that shows, by their own admission, 72% of professors identify their political views as liberal, while just 15% identify as conservative.
But liberal ideology aside, Doren provides frightening statistics about what college students are facing, and how the higher education system only heightens the statistics.  Students are encouraged to delay deciding on a major, but the highest-earning professions are those that require early attention, such as science and engineering.  With the average student loan debt in the United States at $24,000, students should focus on their future after college from the very beginning.  “At the very least,” Doren says, “students should narrow their choices and make smarter long-term decisions.”
In order to avoid indoctrination and get the most out of their college educations, Doren provides tips for students to broaden their exposure and express their beliefs in the classroom.  From a list of key words to keep out of their class schedules—including “greed,” “corporations,” “social responsibility” and “sustainability”—to how to engage liberal bias in the classroom, to appendices of resources outside he bubble of liberal bias for students to explore, Please Enroll Responsibly is a valuable tool for students, parents or anyone seeking to more effectively engage liberal ideas.
Please Enroll Responsibly blends a well-researched, informed and humorous critique of the American college system with a practical handbook for navigating liberalism in any setting.  The end result is an eye-opening book with memorable ammunition and strategies for combating the Left.