Bloomberg Exploits Labor Day Shootings


NYC Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg unveiling an electric police crusier.

New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg is on a war path against gun owners — again. This time he is exploiting the Labor Day Weekend incident between NYC police officers and an armed criminal, which resulted in the tragic shooting and death of an innocent bystander.

Bloomberg is calling for Federal involvement, regulation and enforcement of gun control rules in both NYC and in every city, state, in the Nation. Except he neglects to tell us that gun control rules does not reduce violent crime rates. Instead  his real goal is to advertise and promote his personal project “A Blueprint for Federal Action on Illegal Guns” rather than addressing the task of reducing crimes in the city that elected him mayor.

“We cannot tolerate it; there are just too many guns on the streets and we have to do something about it,” he said. Bloomberg was very specific about what needs to be done to tackle the problem: “We need the federal government to step up.  Both ends of Pennsylvania Ave., both sides of the aisle.” 

The New American MAIG, the outfit created and funded by multi billionaire Bloomberg does just that – it seeks to circumvent Congress through Federal regulation of gun laws by means of 7 Federal agencies of enforcement.  In their Executive Summary, they concede “the coalition has identified 40 opportunities in six areas where the Administration could enhance enforcement of existing laws without Congressional action.”

It means having the Obama administration monitor, restrain and prevent private gun ownership, sales, and production without the consent of the People via their representatives in Congress, and worse, with an ultimate goal of participating in a full-ledged gun grab from innocent Americans, arguing all along that criminal behavior is not the cause of violent crime – gun ownership is.  We cannot kid ourselves; it can happen if we let our guard down.  

Bloomberg’s plan is another level of bureaucratic censorship that places an additional burden on law abiding Americans who are in the business of owning or selling firearms.  Under MAIG guidelines innocent Americans must prove their innocence and answer to unelected Federal agencies, which are making up rules as they go along.   This is a clear infringement upon our right to keep and bear arms in the privacy of our own home. 

Indeed in violation of the 2nd and 4th Amendments to the United States Constitution if enacted, not that Mr. Bloomberg pays much attention to the Constitution, as indicated by his constant bickering of how all Americans should conduct their lives.  He is the perpetual gun hating, United Nations’ loving, Nanny-state Mayor.

Select recommendations included in ‘Blueprint for Federal Action’ and the Federal agencies that will enforce the rules:

·         Improving gun background checks:  Perform background checks on employees of federally licensed dealers during audit inspections -ATF, FBI. (Burden on innocent people.)

·         Policing problematic gun shows:  Investigate private sellers at gun shows who appear to be unlawfully engaged in the business – ATF. (Violation of 4th Amendment.)

·         Supplementing ATF Resources and Improving Its Structure: Establish an Interstate Firearms Trafficking Unit run by a Deputy Chief for Interstate Firearms Trafficking- ATF, DOJ, OMB. (Yet another layer of control.)

·         More Effective Crime Gun Tracing: Create a new Office of Tactical Trace Analysis at the National Tracing Center to determine which dealers have a high number of traces compared to their sales volume – ATF, DOG, OMG. (Big brother watching You.)

·         More Effective Partnerships Among Government, Law Enforcement, Community Groups and Responsible Gun Industry Representatives: Increase support for community programs that generate intelligence about firearms trafficking – DOJ, OMB. (Propaganda.)

·         Enforcement of Existing Laws on Especially Dangerous Firearms: Resume enforcement of the ban on the importation of non-sporting purpose firearms- DHS, ATF, DOJ. (Violation of 2nd Amendment.)

Gun control legislation serves one purpose: To limit the amount of guns that are manufactured and distributed to law abiding American citizens. Just because Mayor Bloomberg hates guns does not mean we put the Constitution to the side — ignore its meaning.  If he thinks with power and money he can bypass the Constitution, he is dead wrong.