Obama: My Latest Plan Will Create 1.9 MILLION Jobs

Same song, different verse.

Barack Obama told supporters last night that his latest new-fangled stimulus plan will create 1.9 million jobs.

USA Today reported:

President Obama has attached a big number to his jobs bill: 1.9 million. At a private fundraiser last night, Obama said his proposal would create 1.9 millions jobs, while reducing the 9.1% unemployment rate by a percentage point; he also said it would add two percentage points to the gross domestic product.

Assuming it’s passed by Congress, that is. “The Republicans in the House, their natural instinct right now is not to engage in the kind of cooperation that we’d like to see,” Obama said in promoting his American Jobs Act.

Of course, the odds of this latest stimulus creating any jobs is slim to none.

Obama should have stuck to that “save or create” line. That way when we get the next downgrade he won’t look so foolish.