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Jon Stewart Tackles Solyndra


Comedian Jon Stewart brought the Solyndra scandal to his Daily Show audience yesterday, and did a fine job of explaining it to a sizable audience that might have been hearing the details for the first time.  Every now and then, you hear stories about how a shocking number of young people get their news from the Daily Show.  Stewart’s lagging a few days behind high-information observers of the political scene, but he just helped quite a few people catch up, and produced a really funny segment in the bargain.

The best comedy is funny in different ways, when viewed from different angles.  When Stewart talks about Solyndra as a “tailor-made scandal,” he’s zinging Obama critics, but delivering a far sharper jab to the President for living down to the lowest expectations of his detractors.

(hat tip to John Nolte at Big Hollywood for the video clip.)


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