Sen. Mike Lee to Obama: Bring it On!

Senator Mike is chomping at the bit to compare Team Obama’s worldview of blowout spending and bureaucratic empowerment to his worldview of government restraint and an emphasis on personal freedom.
And for that, I’ve reported Lee and his staff to Obama’s latest snitch site, AttackWatch.
Okay, I didn’t.  But I’m sure some goon at already has by now.
Speaking at North Carolina State University, the President attempted to gin up support for his latest “stimulus” plan, saying, “We need to build an economy that lasts.  If you love me, you gotta help me pass this bill.”
And while Mike Lee doesn’t love the President, he does love the impending fight over whose governing philosophy is better for the country.  “There are two visions.  One vision proceeds from the understanding that we ought to keep the current spending levels where they’re on now or expand them,” Lee told HUMAN EVENTS in a sit-down interview.  “The other vision,” he noted, “says, in order to preserve the government programs that we’ve come to rely on, we need to bring spending under control.”

“We need permanent structural reform on the way we spend money in Washington.”
Lee correctly points out that Obama and his liberal allies in Congress always fall back on the shopworn idea of escalating the government gravy train as the panacea to ail a sluggish economy, even if the problem itself originated from too much government activism in the marketplace.  Obama’s latest proposal, for instance, calls for yet another fresh round of deficit spending on “infrastructure” projects as well as shaking down “the rich” (job producers) for even more of what they earn.  Even the New York Times acknowledges the latest bender Obama’s seeking boils down to “extensions and expansions of existing policies” with nary a new one.
The freshman senator from Utah said that we’re brushing up closer to the point where the country will be paying nearly a trillion dollars a year in interest payments alone.  In other words, Lee argued, “Defense and entitlements would be put in jeopardy.”
“Whether you’re a democrat and a liberal and you’re most concerned about protecting entitlements or if you’re a conservative Republican and you’re most concerned about protecting defense programs, you should want a Balanced Budget Amendment.”
Lee rejected the notion that he and his Tea Party colleagues need to “compromise” to move this country forward.
“Compromise isn’t a solution.  Compromise isn’t an end outcome.  It is a process.  And it’s a process that’s inevitable.  The question isn’t whether compromises will occur along the way toward adopting any piece of legislation.  It’s where they will occur.”
Lee’s the author of the new book The Freedom Agenda.  Come to think of it, I may report him to AttackWatch for that fact alone.