You WILL Fund Planned Parenthood, America, Whether You Like It Or Not

New Hampshire has an Executive Council, with “the authority and responsibility, together with the Governor, over the administration of the affairs of the State as defined in the New Hampshire Constitution, the New Hampshire statutes, and the advisory opinions of the New Hampshire Supreme Court and the Attorney General,” as explained by its website.  However, no matter what any statutes might say, it does not have the power to override the imperial judgment of Barack Obama… and neither do you, taxpayer.

The Executive Council recently decided not to renew New Hampshire’s contract with Planned Parenthood, an eighteen-month contract worth a cool $1.8 million.  New Hampshire’s Democrat senator, Jeanne Shaheen, wrote to Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius, asking if the most indebted government in the history of the world could spare a few million for their old friends at Planned Parenthood.  Of course, the answer was “yes.”

Sebelius spends much of her time pretending that Planned Parenthood is the only provider of women’s health services, and threatening states that defund them, on the grounds they are breaking federal rules about providing such services to low-income women.  That didn’t work with New Hampshire, so Plan B was tossing a million-dollar federal grant to the nation’s largest abortion provider, without soliciting any competitive bids at all.  This will cover sixteen of the eighteen months in the contract New Hampshire’s peasant rabble foolishly thought they had the power to cancel.

LifeNews reports this is not going over well at the offices of the New Hampshire Executive Council:

Councilor David Wheeler, one of the three members of the council, called the decision by the Obama administration one of “arrogance” because the will of New Hampshire officials was not followed.

“Even though the state of New Hampshire turned down Planned Parenthood as a contractor, the Obama administration says you’re going to take it anyway, whether you like it or not,” Wheeler told the Monitor.

New Hampshire’s other senator, Republican Kelly Ayotte, is apparently still under the quaint impression she lives in a republic governed by democratically-elected representatives, in which the several states grant legitimacy to a sharply limited federal government.  “New Hampshire’s Executive Council has spoken on this matter, and the Administration should respect the state’s right to make this decision,” said Ayotte.  She has nice dreams.

Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser, whose organization strongly supported the Executive Council’s decision, issued a tough statement:

In June, the state of New Hampshire exercised its right to decline renewal of a $1.8 million contract with Planned Parenthood of New England, which operates clinics – including those where abortions are performed – in the state.

It is well within the purview of the New Hampshire state government to decide not to continue to subsidize America’s abortion giant with taxpayer dollars. Instead of honoring the decision of New Hampshire’s Executive Council, Obama has once again allowed his unwavering support for the largest provider of abortions in our country to take precedent.

The people of New Hampshire deserve to have the representatives they elected make the decisions they were elected to make without fear of President Obama usurping those decisions to curry favor with his political ally – Planned Parenthood.

Look, it’s about time these people got their minds right.  Americans will fund Planned Parenthood.  No, you do not have any say in the matter.  Your freedom, moral sensibilities, and rights of self-determination end where Planned Parenthood’s needs begin.

This funding is essential to the Democrat political machine, as well as providing a cornerstone of their ideology.  If the taxpayers in a given state resist providing it, then all Americans will be compelled to furnish the money.  New Hampshire’s intransigence is merely inconveniencing taxpayers in the other 49 states.  Kathleen Sebelius has a lot of Medicare money to double-count as ObamaCare funding, and does not need distractions like this.

Try looking on the bright side: it’s nice to know Obama seizes your money to fund things other than failed solar panel companies.  Unlike Solyndra, Planned Parenthood turns a nice profit.