Attorney General Holder an Insult to D.C.'s 9/11 Memorial

Today Eric Holder spoke at the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia’s 9/11 remembrance ceremony.
I know he’s our attorney general and all, but bringing Holder anywhere near a 9/11 observance is like giving John Hinckley Jr. a front row seat at the Reagan Library debate. 
It should never happen.
Not only has Holder stacked his Justice Department with jihadist sympathizers (more on that), this is the same man who brazenly told a House Judiciary Committee that “radical Islam” wasn’t even one—not one(!)—of the contributing factors motivating Middle Eastern terrorists.
Remember this exchange?
Last year, House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith asked Holder over and over again whether any of the terrorist plots devised against Americans was due to a certain strain of Islam, yet Holder hedged.  “There are a variety of reasons why people have taken these actions.  You have to look at each individual case,” Holder shot back.  Questioned as to whether “radical Islam” was one of those “reasons,” Holder balked again.  And again.  In the two-minute exchange with Smith, Holder refused to use the phrase “radical Islam” once.

So when Holder told today’s audience that “despite the best efforts of our enemies, our resolve has never wavered or weakened,” I’m not sure what he’s referring to, because in his bizarre world, it’s forbidden to mention that the hijackers were part of an Islamic suicide pact.
Who are these enemies of which he speaks?
To him, it’s as though Mohamed Atta and his boys burned with fury at the taste of American lamb kebabs.  Religious motivations had nothing to do with the attacks, apparently.
But that’s only one reason to keep Holder far, far way from any September 11 memorial.
There are more.
Holder went on to tell those gathered at today’s 9/11 memorial that his “commitment to doing not just what is necessary, but what is right—to protect the safety and the civil liberties of those we serve—remains certain.”
What a load of horse droppings.
Holder’s stocked his department with nine political appointees who had previously done pro bono legal work for Gitmo inmates.  One of these appointees, recall, was Tony West, who represented the “American Taliban” Johh Walker Lindh after he was captured in Afghanistan for fighting U.S. troops.  Such an olive branch to suspected terror suspects is nothing new for Holder, as he was a senior partner at a prestigious Washington, D.C., law firm that boasts to this day that it’s been representing Guantanamo Bay inmates free of charge for the past six years.
Couple those facts with Holder’s insisting that the September 11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed be tried in a NYC courtroom with all the privileges afforded U.S. citizens, and it becomes clear that Holder does seemed concerned about “civil liberties,” but for the wrong team.
Holder concluded his 9/11 memorial speech with an ode to sacrifice and the American spirit.  He said, “Let us draw inspiration from all those who have dedicated their lives to the service of others, and whose memories remind us of the quiet power of compassion, patriotism and selflessness that shone through the smoke and the wreckage of 9/11.”
True in words, but not in deed for our attorney general.  He’s turned our nation’s Justice Department into a politically correct dog sniffing about for the slightest inconvenience shown toward captured Islamic terrorist barbarians who’ve devoted themselves to a life of murdering Americans.

Show some class, Mr. Holder. Stay away from the next 9/11 memorial.