Cairo Protester Brags: I Beat Up an Israeli Embassy Worker

Cairo protesters tore down a security wall and stormed the Israeli Embassy yesterday. The protesters chanted “Allahu Akbar” as they rammed the wall with large pipes and hammers. They cheered as they torched the Israeli flag.

One of the protesters bragged about beating an Israeli embassy worker.

YNet News reported:

The mob attack on the Israeli Embassy in Cairo ended without any Israeli casualties, but Egyptian protestors claimed Saturday morning that they had beaten up one of the workers.

Mustafa al-Sayyid, 28, said he was one of the 20 protestors who infiltrated the embassy building. He showed the press a clip he took with his cellular phone, in which protestors are seen raiding the embassy and going through documents.

According to Sayyid, he and his friends managed to beat up an Israeli worker before Egyptian soldiers intervened. He said the soldiers removed the protestors from the building but failed to arrest them.