Islamic Spring: Cairo Protesters Storm Israeli Embassy

Cairo protesters held a rally outside the Israeli Embassy in Cairo earlier in the week to protest the construction of a protective wall. Today the protesters returned to the Israeli Embassy and tore down the wall. Egyptian protesters demolish a part of the wall recently built around the Israeli embassy in Cairo. CNN reported, via Free Republic


Hundreds of protesters in Cairo on Friday were tearing down a newly built wall around the building that houses the Israeli Embassy, a show of political rage on another tense day in Egypt’s capital.

CNN saw soldiers and police stand by as demonstrators tried to destroy the wall, built for the high-rise building’s protection. The makeshift wall surrounds another wall around the building.

Protesters cheered the demolition and chanted for the ouster of Israel’s ambassador. State TV said some protesters tried to scale the inner wall after they worked to take down the outer wall.

The demonstrators were among thousands of Egyptians who took to the streets Friday. Many converged on Cairo’s Tahrir Square to demand reforms in a turnout dubbed “correcting the path of the revolution.”

UPDATE: The protesters stormed into the embassy late tonight.

They tossed files out of the windows.

The ambassador and his family are waiting at the airport for a military escort.

The AP reported:

A group of about 30 protesters broke into the Israeli Embassy in Cairo Friday and dumped hundreds of documents out of the windows after a day of demonstrations outside the building in which crowds swinging sledge hammers and using their bare hands tore apart the embassy’s security wall.

Israel’s ambassador, Yitzhak Levanon, his family and other embassy staff were waiting at Cairo’s airport for a military plane to evacuate them, said airport officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media.

Hundreds of protesters converged on the embassy throughout the afternoon and into the night, tearing down large sections of the graffiti-covered security wall outside the 21-story building housing the embassy. Egyptian security forces made no attempt for hours to intervene.

Just before midnight, a group of protesters reached a room on one of the embassy’s lower floors at the top of the building and began dumping Hebrew-language documents from the windows, said an Egyptian security official who spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to speak to the media.