Obama Job Speech Preview In Verse

Since President Obama keeps dumping the same old ideas in his big job speeches, I thought he might at least consider some new methods of delivery.  I therefore present an Obama job speech preview in verse, to get those White House creative juices flowing.

King Obama blessed his people

With a mighty proclamation:

Some would pave roads

While others built destinations.


Some would dig trenches,

Which others crossed with bridges

While some constructed mountains

So others could flatten the ridges.


Replacing cars with trains

Became a most urgent mission

Because people shouldn’t move

Without official permission.


Those with nothing to build

Were paid handsomely for their time

And told to hire others

Creating a job with every dime.


The royal court was pleased

With their profit from Obama’s call

While those who did the work

Accomplished nothing worthwhile at all.


And when the people complained,

The King scolded them for greed

In refusing to spend money they didn’t have

On programs they didn’t need.


Hunger for power became a virtue

While the people waited to be told

What choices they could make

And what ambitions they could hold.