Saudi Flag Raised Above American Flag At Colorado School

The UK Daily Mail reports on the latest grade-school adventure in multi-culturalism:

Parents of children at an elementary school in Colorado are furious after the American flag was lowered at the multi-cultural school and replaced with a Saudi Arabian flag.

As the tenth anniversary of 9/11 approaches, someone at Bauder Elementary School in Fort Collins appears to have lowered the American symbol while raising that of the Muslim country in its place.  

The flag is thought to have initially been hung at the school as one of many posted around the site in recognition of the various nationalities represented by the young students.

Apparently the school has flags from many nations hung around its halls.  The Saudi flag is normally kept in a different and less prominent location.  Someone moved it next to the American flag, as well as raising it higher.

A photo of the two flags was posted on the Greely Report blog, a media watchdog site which declares itself to be “the eyes and ears of the truth-seeking, freedom-loving coalition of Northern Colorado.”

Not to worry, because the crack administrators of Bauder Elementary got right on the case:

The school’s principal insisted the flag was not raised by a member of staff in order to disrespect the American flag – and said the American flag immediately was returned to its prominent position when the issue came to his attention.

According to the Daily Mail, the principal went on to insist “no one at the school had created the display.”  Really?  Then who created it?  Are displays at the school routinely created by mysterious outside parties, and ignored by clueless administrators until a concerned parent uploads photographs to a blog? 

How long did the school staff wander past this startling gesture of disrespect before finally getting a phone call from an angry parent and doing something about it?  According to a post in the Greeley Gazette, principal Brian Carpenter claims the photo of the two flags was “taken sometime before the start of the school year.” 

Okay, so the staff roamed the quiet halls for days before the school even opened, and even though there were no packed hallways full of screaming children to distract them, they still didn’t notice?  At the very least, that doesn’t speak well for their knowledge of civics and federal flag laws, to say nothing of their observational skills.

“We realize this is an extremely sensitive time with us getting close to the 10th anniversary of 9/11,” said Carpenter.  You can say that again!  15 of the 19 hijackers were of Saudi extraction.  The Daily Mail notes, as few American media outlets have, that claims of angry Bauder Elementary parents that the flag incident is “the result of the effect a growing Muslim population is having on the area.” 

The principal of Bauder Elementary seems to be implying that students rearranged the flags without permission from school staff… but if that’s true, how was this done several days before the school opened?  Were any students given early access to the school, to prepare for the upcoming classes – and if so, does the administration have their names?  If it wasn’t students, and the flags weren’t arranged by teachers or staff, then who did it, and how did they get into the school?