Hoffa Doubles Down on Violent Rhetoric, Wasserman Schultz Attacks Fox

In one of the more vile speeches given by a Democrat in at least a week, union goon Jimmy Hoffa Jr., speaking on behalf of Barack Obama Monday, declared war on the American people.



“President Obama, this is your army. We are ready to march… Everybody here’s got a vote…Let’s take these sons of bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong,” he concluded.

We say Hoffa was speaking on behalf of Obama because a president never would appear somewhere if the speech of his warmup act was not thoroughly vetted in advance. If Hoffa’s speech wasn’t cleared then Obama and his people are at the least guilty of gross negligence.

Obama later praised Hoffa, so it goes without saying he approved of Hoffa’s violent language.

Pathetically, the flying monkeys from Media Matters weakly tried to claim Fox News edited video of Hoffa, yet as you can see from the ABC News clip, Hoffa said what he said and there’s nothing to dipute.

Dana Loesch exposes that line of thinking.

Except later on, after Soros bloggers spent so much effort attempting to spin this as a “doctored” video, Hoffa doubled down on the remarks and made it very clear that he wasn’t talking about “voting.” TPM inadvertently wholly destroyed the careful narrative Media Matters spent literally all day fabricating.

Indeed, here’s Junior Hoffa in his own words.

Hoffa said he’d say the exact same words all over again.

“I would because I believe it,” he said. “They’ve declared war on us. We didn’t declare war on them, they declared war on us. We’re fighting back. The question is, who started the war?”

So who’s lying here, Hoffa or the Soros flying monkeys?

Meanwhile, it appears Florida Democrat Debbie Wasserman Schultz wasn’t quite prepped adequately to defend the latest in violent Democrat language as she stumbled badly in a segment with Gretchen Carlson on Fox and Friends this morning.



After Carlson prompted several times for a specific response to Hoffa’s shot at the tea party, Wasserman Schultz asked the host “are you kidding me?”

“Really Gretchen? How many times have you called out coarse language at tea party rallies? Almost never,” she said.

Ultimately, the heated exchange ended with Wasserman Schultz reiterating her earlier response that Americans want the government to focus on job creation.

At this point Obama has basically signaled his campaign will be about demonizing the GOP and tea partiers. We’ve been inundated with this incendiary rhetoric for over two years and it’s gotten increasingly vile in the past five weeks, ever since the Obama Downgrade following the debt-ceiling debate. Gone are Obama’s lofty platitudes about bringing people together. All we’re left with is anger, rage and nonstop attacks from Democrats. It’s all they have left and it will be resoundingly rejected by the American people.
Two days before his so-called jobs speech he’s already been rejected.

Just 17 percent say the president’s program is making the economy better, while 34 percent say Obama’s program is making the economy worse and 47 percent say it is having no real effect.  Combine those last two numbers, and 81 percent say the Obama economic program is not working — a devastating number in a country in which economic concerns top all other issues in voters’ minds.

Having your surrogates declaring war on Americans sure isn’t going to help.