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Steyn says that America faces an 'existential crisis' by the mid-decade if we don't fix this country.


Off The Cuff Episode #8: Mark Steyn

Steyn says that America faces an ‘existential crisis’ by the mid-decade if we don’t fix this country.

New York Times best-selling author Mark Steyn is my guest this week. Mark is a conservative dynamo, whose latest book After America has been surging up the best-seller charts. And rightfully so. It’s such a timely, prescient work that lays out the case that America’s darkest days are ahead if we don’t change the path we are currently on. Every American concerned about the future of our country should read this book, or at least listen to this podcast! Guns & Patriots editor Neil W. McCabe joins me in studio to talk about the latest on the ‘Fast & Furious’ case. Karl Selzer, as always, here with me for ‘Champs & Chumps.’ Enjoy!

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Adam Tragone is managing editor for Human Events. He appears regularly as a political commentator on national radio & television shows. Adam???s email is ATragone@EaglePub.Com

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