Rick Perry, Bob McDonnell: The Jobs Ticket?

When Texas Gov. Rick Perry keynotes the Republican Party of Virginia’s (RPV) Grassroots Luncheon on September 14, as RPV Chairman Pat Mullins announced today, there will be inevitable speculation about a potential presidential ticket with Perry and Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell, who will also speak at the event at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

In 2009, when the national press wrote off the Republican party on the heels of its defeat in the 2008 election, McDonnell ran on a theme of “Bob’s 4 Jobs” and convincingly won back Virginia’s Governor’s mansion in an election in which he performed beyond expectations in places such as Northern Virginia where Republicans have tended to do poorly.

Likewise, Perry’s campaign theme is “Let’s Get America Working Again,” and his reputation as a job-creating Governor of Texas has made him a formidable (and stark contrast) to President Barack Obama and his failed record of job creation.

A Perry-McDonnell ticket could potentially be the “jobs ticket.”

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Governor Perry will be with us for this event,” Mullins said. “Governor Perry’s record in Texas of lower taxes, limited government, and job growth looks familiar to anyone who pays attention to Virginia politics. Like our own Governor Bob McDonnell, Gov. Perry has balanced his state’s budget by making prudent decisions, rather than treating taxpayers like an ATM.”

The event is also important because election watchers think election 2012 could well be decided by Virginia, as Mullins noted in a press release.

“Virginia will be a key battleground state in 2012,” Mullins said. “This event is a great opportunity for the grassroots – the people who make the Republican Party of Virginia work – to get to know one of front runners for our party’s presidential nomination.”

The invitation, with Messrs. Perry and McDonnell prominently splashed, can be seen here.