Classy: Obama Schedules 'Jobs' Speech During GOP Debate

In a bold masterstroke of bipartisanship, Barack Obama today decided the perfect occasion for his so-called “long-awaited” jobs speech would be at the exact same time next Wednesday the GOP has a long-scheduled presidential debate at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, CA.

Does a man languishing in the polls at 38% really believe the nation is calling for more of this childishness from him?

President Barack Obama will make his long-awaited speech about jobs  Wednesday night to a joint session of Congress at the same time that the Republican presidential candidates are scheduled to debate at the Reagan Presidential Library in California.

Perhaps by “long-awaited” they’re thinking of the promise made by Obama on August 29, 2010 when he said he’d have a jobs plan when he returned from Martha’s Vineyard.

The media immediately seized upon this announcement today by implying the speech was set in stone, but Obama needs approval from House Speaker John Boehner, who should tell him where to go.

Naturally, the churlish Obama notified Boener just minutes before making the announcement public.

Boehner’s office only got the Obama request asking for a Joint Session of Congress, 15 minutes before the notice went out to the press.

Of course, why afford Boehner the time to react when you can simply ambush him for cheap political gain?

Compounding the mind-numbing hubris, Obama flack Jay Carney graciously offered to allow the GOP to reschedule thier debate.

How magnanimous of him.

Carney gave NBC his permission to reschedule the Republican debate so it doesn’t conflict with the president’s speech, saying “if the network so chose and the candidates so chose” to reschedule, “that would be completely fine with us.”

According to Carney, Obama’s deliberate attempt to sandbag the Republicans was a mere coincidence.

As of this time Boehner has yet to respond, but organizers of the GOP debate plan to proceed as scheduled, as they should.

Meanwhile, according to Harry Reid, “green jobs” will be part of Obama’s focus with his speech. Perhaps Obama can explain how one of his pets projects, paid for with $535 million of your tax dollars, just went belly-up.

Solyndra Inc., a renewable energy firm that became a darling of the Obama Administration, shut the doors of its California headquarters Wednesday, raising fresh questions from critics about political favoritism and wasted money in the federal loan program.

The manufacturer of rooftop solar panels opened its doors in 2005, and in 2009 became the first recipient of an Obama administration energy loan guarantee – a $535 million federal commitment that helped minimize the risk to venture capital firms backing the solar start-up. Obama visited the factory last year to herald its future.

“The promise of clean energy isn’t just an article of faith — not anymore,” the president told Solyndra workers then. “The future is here.”

Actually, the future of Solyndra workers is the unemployment line. That’s 1100 jobs not saved or created. Here’s the petulant man-child speaking about the joys of solar energy in May 2010.


Good times, good times.