Nancy Pelosi Has Figured Out the Evil Rich At Last


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has been devoting her vast intellect to the question of why the Evil Rich are so unwilling to give more of their money to Pelosi, Obama, and the other compassionate titans who manage our loving super-State.  The rich already have so much money!  They enjoy a “quality of life” far beyond anything Pelosi and the rest of the benevolent dictatorship could possibly approve of.  What more do those greedy fatcats want?

It looks as if Pelosi has finally figured it out, and you’re not going to like it.  The answer is: immortality.

The elaborate schemes of the Evil Rich and their Republican lapdogs involves an insidious plan to enslave the lower class by opposing the minimum wage, which keeps them so impoverished that they must use credit cards to buy food.  The fees for those credit cards go to rich bankers – not the nice bankers who cooperate with Democrat socialism, mind you, but evil bankers.  The poor therefore become slaves to the rich, as part of a bid for nothing less than eternal life.

Is this all meant as a joke?  Watch the video and judge for yourself.  She doesn’t look like she’s setting up an elaborate jest.  Her audience titters occasionally, but she plows ahead with the zeal of a woman who thinks she has a major revelation Jiffy-Popping away beneath her tinfoil hat.

Bear in mind that Nancy Pelosi has done very well during the Obama disaster, enjoying an astonishing 62% increase in her net worth, to a cool $35.2 million.  But she’s one of the wise and honorable rich people who can be trusted to run your life, rather than enslaving you to prolong hers.

(Hat tip to The Blaze for the video.)