Liberal Policies to Blame for Mass New York Exodus

If liberalism is such a glorious political system, why do people flee it in droves?
A new study by the Empire Center for New York State Policy found that 1.6 million residents have bolted New York to seek greener pastures.  And we don’t blame them.  The state ranks as one of the most unfriendly to business, cost-of-living expenses are through the roof, and taxes are always on the upswing.  Case in point:  Fifteen of America’s counties with the highest tax burdens are all located in the Empire State, including Nos. 1 and 2 (Nassau and Westchester counties).
According to the authors of the Empire Center report, New York’s net migration loss has “increased over the last decade to its highest level since the 1970s.”
The negative trend looks like it will continue.
A recent Marist College poll showed that 36% of New Yorkers under the age of 30 are ready to take flight in the next five years.  The reason?  You guessed it: the economy.  Particularly, 62% cited the crushing level of taxation and the dearth of jobs as reasons they’re ready to pack their bags.  The kids are smart, after all.  They’re following economic opportunity, migrating to states such as Texas where job creators are encouraged and incentivized rather than castigated as evil villains who are clinking champagne bottles together at the expense of everyone else.
This flow pattern out of New York should disturb its public officials.  At the very least, with a shrinking taxpayer base, who will fund the lavish public union contracts and generous Medicaid benefits that liberal politicians adore?  Unlike the federal government, New York can’t print its own money.
What leftist politicians don’t get is that it is the natural state of man to want to keep the fruits of his labor (duh), and he will take steps to ensure that he can do so.  Thus, dissatisfied residents will vote with their feet and move to more friendly state economies.  If New York politicians don’t wake up, their state will go the way of California and Detroit—unaffordable and unlivable.
That’s liberalism for you.