Obama Fever Wanes on Martha's Vineyard

Oh, the heartache. Just three years removed from the soaring oratory and Greek columns, reality has settled in with the slobbering Obama sycophants. Now that his taxpayer-funded vacation is mercifully winding down the reality of life on Martha’s Vineyard can be told. The Boston Globe ventured out and discovered residents acting like women who just realized the guy they fell in love with turns out to be a deadbeat who’s maxed out their credit cards and emtied their bank account.

Buyer’s remorse can be a bitch.

When President Obama took his first trip to Martha’s Vineyard after taking office, the excitement among locals here was palpable, from the signs of support strung across shop windows and front porches to a full-page newspaper ad taken out by 125 Vineyard grandmothers in support of his health care plan.

This week, with the jobless rate stuck above 9 percent and the president’s nationwide approval rating at its lowest level, the Vineyard’s broad allegiance shows cracks, leaving some islanders with a more textured, even tormented feeling about the president.

“I just have to say I feel really uncomfortable, because I love loving him,’’ said Leslie Pearlson, a real estate broker on the island.

Poor Leslie just can’t quit her Barack. She knows he’s terrible for business but just can’t admit she bought a bad batch of Hopenchange and there is no refund.

Flash back to Leslie on Inauguration Day in 2009.

Leslie Pearlson remembered her last inauguration experience.

“I was in my pajamas, with a scotch . . . crying,” she said. She cried today too, but this time she was smiling and sipping white wine with friends.

Someone please get Leslie a strong drink. Perhaps she can have some of that expensive vodka “vacation junkie”  Michelle Obama is reportedly so fond of.

Pearlson is typical of these mush-headed liberals. They actually cry when an election doesn’t go their way; then they fall in love like prepubescent girls, easily smitten by that next smooth guy who tells them what they want to hear. Then they just can’t handle the breakup phase and admit they’ve were duped. They so want to believe that hot guy who swept them off their feet was the real deal and pine longingly for the “real” Barack to come back to them.

It’s really pathetic.

Meanwhile, another Vineyard resident sums up their feelings in a mere four words.

That’ll leave a mark.

Meanwhile, as hurricane watches are popping up along the east coast, it’s probably a good time for the Obamas to wrap up their vacation and get out so the folks on the island can prepare for possible damage from Hurricane Irene. But they could care less and will likely hang around to the end.

Why leave before you squeeze every last nickel out of your taxpayer-funded vacation?



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