Marco Rubio Saves Nancy Reagan From A Fall

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  • 08/21/2022


Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, who is now 90 years old, attended an event at the Ronald Reagan Library on Monday night, and ran afoul of a metal post used for crowd control.  She tripped and would have suffered a nasty fall, but for the quick action of Senator Marco Rubio, who was escorting her.

As NewsBusters noted, Rubio’s gallantry went strangely unmentioned at NBC, although they showed the video of the rising-star Senator stepping forward to save the day.  ABC and CBS gave him due credit, but NBC’s Natalie Morales merely mentioned she was “escorted to her seat.”  This prompted co-host Ann Curry to remark, “It’s good somebody was there to make sure she was caught.”

It’s not a stop-the-presses outrage, but it’s odd that NBC didn’t think it was important to mention that “somebody” was Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.  Good on you, Senator!



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