Angry Obama Lashes Out at GOP

Saddled with the lowest approval ratings of his failed presidency, Barack Obama embarked Monday on what was promoted as a “listening tour” of the rural midwest. Naturally, the public was misled and instead of listening to anyone, an angry, petulant Obama lashed out wildly at Republicans.

So much for bringing people together.

President Obama, on the road and seemingly excited to be there, unleashed an assault on Congress and his Republican rivals, accusing them of making the economy worse and threatening their political futures.

How quickly he went from listening to people to threatening Republicans in a matter of moments.

In nakedly political terms, Obama spoke repeatedly about challenging Congress in next year’s elections if they refuse to compromise with him on the economy, and he took thinly veiled swipes at his Republican opponents.

Remember how this wasn’t supposed to be a campaign tour and how the taxpayers were picking up the tab?

Looking to rebound from one of the lowest points in his presidency — the protracted fight over the debt ceiling and the subsequent show of disdain for Washington — Obama spent the first day of his bus tour criticizing Congress and his opponents.

While the White House insisted in the lead up to the tour that the trip was about official business because Obama was talking to Americans, the president was clearly talking to voters. With his sleeves rolled up, tie missing and campaign cadence on full display, Obama appeared to be in total campaign mode.

This should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention to this man the past few years. He’s so filled with anger and rage, yet his adoring media sycophants have built him up to be some great uniter. They lap it up when he trashes Republicans and simply shrug their shoulders when it’s pointed how how blatantly he lies and misleads the public. If they had any self respect they’d pack up and leave this shameless campaign tour.

Laughably, he continues to blame his dreadful economic record on events that have zero to do with it.

But over the last six months, we’ve had a run of bad luck, some things that we could not control. We had an Arab Spring that promises democracy and potentially a growth of human rights throughout the Middle East, but it also caused high gas prices that put a crimp on a lot of families just as they were trying to dig themselves out from the recession. Then we had a tsunami in Japan that disrupted supply chains and affected markets all around the world.

Imagine the howls of derision if his predecessor tried to foist such weak excuses on the public. But that’s what separates a man like Bush from the childlike Obama: Bush accepted responsibility. Obama just points fingers, never accepts any blame and acts like a street bully.

Speaking of which, things got even uglier late Monday (clip via Hot Air.)

Sure doesn’t seem like he’s interested in listening to anyone. Obama also spent time saying Republicans should be putting country first and not worrying about winning elections. Talk about projection. Remember the indignation from the left when anyone even remotely questioned their patriotism?

Now it’s open season on the GOP and few in the media even bat an eyelash.