Top 10 Reasons Obama Won't Win Reelection

With bad news seemingly everywhere, here is something to give hope to conservatives: the Top 10 Reasons Obama Won’t Win Reelection.

1.  Jobless rate too high:  With the latest Labor Department report showing the unemployment rate at 9.1%, jobs will likely remain the No. 1 issue for voters.  Well over 2 million jobs have been lost since Obama took office, and he wasted a trillion dollars on a stimulus bill that didn’t stimulate.  Unfortunately for the American people, his policies will keep the jobless rate high, right up to November 2012.

2.  Economy in doldrums:  It’s not just jobs, but everything about the economy remains snake-bit.  With housing slumping and the stock market tanking, all Americans are feeling the impact of the down economy.  With the threat of a double-dip recession looming, don’t expect a turnaround in time to help Obama’s reelection.

3.  ObamaCare looms:  With health care costs continuing to rise, it is clear that ObamaCare wasn’t the answer.  As the implementation of the highly unpopular health care measure nears, more workers will be dumped from their employers’ health care plans, taxes will rise and fewer doctors will be available—giving voters more reasons to dump its architect.

4.  Out-of-control debt and credit downgrade:  The debt-ceiling deal did little to fix the long-term debt problem, as the U.S. is still on tap to borrow $7 trillion over the next decade, adding to the $4 trillion Obama has already racked up since taking office.  With the S&P downgrade, Obama goes down in history as the first President to lose America’s AAA credit rating.

5.  Depressed base:  Progressives are having buyer’s remorse and are trying to convince everyone that Obama is not even much of a liberal.  The anti-war left certainly won’t be out in force on Election Day.  Nor will black turnout match 2008’s historical number.  More of the young will stay home.  The excitement of electing the first black President has worn off and even his staunchest supporters are disappointed that Obama hasn’t fulfilled their expectations.

6.  Opposition energized:  The Tea Party didn’t even exist in 2008, and the 2010 midterm elections showed the country rejects the President’s big-spending policies.  No matter which Republican gains the party’s nomination, expect an energized grassroots opposition to Obama’s second term.

7.  Changes in battleground states:  The terrain that Obama faces in his reelection bid will be more difficult to navigate in 2012 than four years ago.  He starts out by losing six Electoral College votes from states he carried in 2008 due to population changes registered by the 2010 Census.  Then the 2010 midterm elections saw Republicans win governors’ races previously held by Democrats in key battleground states such as Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan—all states Obama won in 2008.

8.  Foreign policy mess:  From the Libyan war to mixed signals given to Middle East protesters, from the Russian “reset” to China’s economic belligerence, there is not much that Obama can tout as a foreign policy success.  Now with deficit hawks setting their sights on the Pentagon, Obama is likely to preside over the dismantling of America’s superpower status.

9.  Media less a adoring:  Obama will still have most of the media on his side for his reelection bid, but they certainly won’t be getting thrills up their legs, admiring the crease in his pants, or writing how the seagulls were awed.  Even Obamaphile Chris Mathhews has turned on the President, saying a recent Obama speech sounded like a Fox News commercial, a harsh epithet coming from the MSNBC host.

10.  Aloof, inept:  Now that America has seen the President up close for nearly three years, the magic that many believed in during his hope and change odyssey is clearly gone.  His aloof personality and scolding partisanship will not endear him to the electorate this time.  As his falling approval ratings attest, he increasingly looks pathetically inept and not up to the job he was elected to do.