Joe Wilson Triumphant


One of the most widely discussed events from Obama’s first year in office was his confrontation with Congressman Joe Wilson (R-SC) during an ObamaCare sales pitch.  Nobody remembers anything Obama said – nobody can remember anything he said yesterday – but everyone remembers Joe Wilson’s interruption, shouted before a national media audience and a joint session of Congress:

“You lie!”

Wilson apologized, but the Democrat-controlled House ultimately voted 240-179 to censure him.  He became a devil figure for the Left, but was re-elected in 2010.

What did Obama say to set Wilson off, anyway?  Just this: “There are those who claim that our reform efforts would insure illegal immigrants.  This, too, is false.  The reforms I’m proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally.”

Today we learn, from CNS News, that the Department of Health and Human Services is shoveling $28.8 million worth of ObamaCare loot out to community health centers, including $8.5 million to “target services to migrant and seasonal farm workers.” 

And guess what?  Grant recipients “will not check the immigration status of people seeking services.”

“Health centers do not, as a matter of routine practice, ask about or collect data on citizenship or other matters not related to the treatment needs of the patients seeking health services at the center,” [Heath Resources and Services Administration Spokeswoman Judy] Andrews said.

Further, the grant recipients are required to serve “all residents” who walk through their doors.

“The Program’s authorizing statute does not affirmatively address immigration status,” said Andrews. “Rather, it simply states that health centers are required to provide primary health care to all residents of the health center’s service area without regard for ability to pay.”

This is not surprising in the least.  Everyone knew it would happen.  That’s why Joe Wilson was indelicate, but entirely correct, when he called Barack Obama a liar.  Game, set, and match to Wilson.  Sadly, we’re stuck with ObamaCare, so we all lose.

Bonus: Here’s what I said back when Wilson first confronted Obama: “The Spending Virus.”  I think it holds up pretty well.