Add Brady Center to the List

LIRR survivors

Here we go again.  Another ad hoc group focused on limiting 2nd Amendment rights upon innocent Americans.  The more scrutiny into the topic of controlling gun sales, the worse it gets.  Add “The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence” to our list of groups to battle.  Founded in 1974, they have spent decades seeking to control gun sales and sue gun makers, arguing in a recent blog post “Actually, guns do kill people.”  No, they do not.  Someone has to pull the trigger, stupid!

Charging to “educate people about the dangers of guns . . . especially children who have the right to live free from the threat of gun violence” is a premise begging for substance.  Yet they use this premise to pressure politicians to enact laws that prevent law abiding citizens from selling and buying firearms, even though the Constitution does not indicate any such right to children they suggest, nor does it reflect upon objects that may cause violence.  In fact the 2nd Amendment could not be clearer: “[T]he right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

They blame cars for car accidents; drugs for drug addicts; the paper money is printed on for greed; as long as they are not blaming the individual, they can subvert any empty premise to misinterpret the Constitution and what it stands for.  It protects us from an overreaching government, not the other way around.

Much damage has been done

Shocking is the degree of influence the Brady Campaign has on American jurisprudence, the following is a list of, they call “accomplishments” we will call “control measures”, celebrated at their website (in part):

Bills are introduced in Congress to ban clips holding more than 10 bullets and to extend Brady background checks to all gun sales. (2011)

Two million gun purchases are denied since the enactment of the Brady Law. (2011)

The Brady Center files a lawsuit against Badger Guns blaming the gun maker for selling a gun to an individual who committed an illegal act. (2010)

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signs a new law requiring maintenance of purchaser records by handgun ammunition vendors. Local law enforcement can use these records at will.  (2009)

The Brady Campaign successfully works to pass the “NICS Improvement Amendments Act” which forces innocent buyers of guns to undergo rigorous background checks.  (2007)

Brady Campaign launches the Campaign Against “Illegal” Guns, to limit licensed gun dealers from selling guns. (2006)

The Brady Campaign launches a campaign to renew the assault weapons ban. (2004)

The Brady Center achieves historic victories in three lawsuits brought by victims of criminal activity. The settlements yield a record $4.4 million in payments by three gun dealers. (2004)

The California Assembly approves legislation that requires handgun manufacturers to redesign new handguns to ostensibly “prevent accidental shootings”. (2003)
Center to Prevent Handgun Violence launches a new nationwide initiative to encourage attorneys general and other state officials to use their so-called consumer protection authority to regulate gun design. (2001)

The District of Columbia becomes the 30th jurisdiction to sue the gun industry. (2000)

The Attorney General of Massachusetts becomes the first in the nation to use consumer protection powers to regulate guns. (2009)

New York City becomes the 32nd city or county to sue the gun industry. (2009)

Colorado and Oregon pass statewide referenda to control sales at gun shows.  (2009)

The states of Maryland and New York pass new gun control restrictions. (2009)

Obviously the Brady Campaign very actively promotes laws and actions that prohibit innocent Americans from buying and selling firearms.  Using fear as a general tactic, whenever there is a mass killing in the U.S. or abroad, the Brady Campaign does not blame the deranged psycho path that committed the crime, they blame the three-letter instrument, the “g-u-n” instead. 

Actually, enacting gun restriction laws places us in more danger than not, because it limits the way we can purchase firearms as a means of protecting ourselves from criminals and/or a criminal government.    The Brady Campaign would like to protect us from ourselves.  U-h-m, no, thank you.