Top 10 Unhinged Liberal Attacks

With the debt-ceiling madhouse resolved (at least for the time being), it would be instructive to look back and see how the so-called “adults” in the Democratic Party and their media sycophants acted during the deliberations.  Here are the Top 10 Unhinged Liberal Attacks during the debt talks.

1.  Saving life on the planet:  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi may have made her all-time silliest statement when she tried explaining what was at stake in the debt battle:  “What we’re trying to do is save the world from the Republican budget.  We’re trying to save life on this planet as we know it today.”

2.  Satan sandwich:  Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D.-Mo.) took to Twitter to denounce the final deal:  “This deal is a sugar-coated Satan sandwich.  If you lift the bun, you will not like what you see.”

3.  End of democracy:  New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, the Left’s chief cheerleader for massive deficits, had this to say:  “What Republicans have just gotten away with calls our whole system of government into question.  After all, how can American democracy work if whichever party is most prepared to be ruthless, to threaten the nation’s economic security, gets to dictate policy?  And the answer is, maybe it can’t.”

4.  Eat your peas:  President Obama, before storming off from the debt talks like a petulant child, pretended like he was the adult in the room by scolding the opposition:  “It’s not going to get easier, it’s going to get harder.  So we might as well do it now, pull off the Band-Aid, eat our peas.”

5.  Taliban Tea Party:  Martin Frost, former chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, compared the Tea Party to the Taliban:  “We now have a group of U.S. politicians seeking political purity, who seem to have much in common with the Taliban.  They are Tea Party members, and because of blind adherence to smaller government, they seem intent on destroying what American political leaders have constructed in more than two centuries of hard, often painful, work.  Like the Taliban, they see compromise as an unacceptable alternative.”

6.  Extremists lock down Congress:  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid went wild after House Republicans passed the Boehner debt-ceiling bill:  “No, no, no.  We cannot be in this battle all the time.  Right now the extremists have locked down this Congress.  We’re doing nothing.  The extremists have locked down the White House.  They’re not able to do their work.”

7.  Dictatorship to spark panic and chaos:  Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee, told Politico, “Aren’t we at the point where the closer we get to chaos, the more concern that there should be about coming to the table and compromising with Democrats?  This is not leadership.  This is almost like dictatorship.  I know they want to force the outcome that … their extremists would like to impose.  But they are getting ready to spark panic and chaos.”

8.  Absolutists hold economy hostage:  Sen. John Kerry told MSNBC:  “The Chinese are looking at us right now and they are just gleeful and incredulous at the way in which one of the great competitors is imploding on itself, because a group of absolutists and extremists don’t understand the implication of what they are doing, and are prepared to hold the entire economy hostage, and it is unprecedented of anything I have seen in all of the time I have been in public life, and I think it is damaging and dangerous and reckless and irresponsible.”

9.  Full-blown terrorists:  Representing academia on this list is American University law professor Williams Yeomans, a former aide to Sen. Ted Kennedy, who made this reasoned discourse, writing in Politico:  “It has become commonplace to call the Tea Party faction in the House ‘hostage takers.’  But they have now become full-blown terrorists.  They have joined the villains of American history who have been sufficiently craven to inflict massive harm on innocent victims to achieve their political goals.”

10.  Sabotage, gargoyles, adamantine nihilists:  Few can match the pen of New York Times writer Maureen Dowd, but her screed against the Tea Party set a new high for rhetorical excess:  “The maniacal Tea Party freshmen are trying to burn down the House they were elected to serve in.  It turns out they wanted to come inside to get a blueprint of the historic building to sabotage it.  Like gargoyles on the Capitol, the adamantine nihilists are determined to blow up the country’s prestige, their party and even their own reelection chances if that’s what it takes.”