Mr. President, Where Are the Jobs?


House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) put together a catchy little video to ask the question President Obama has no answer for:

I would have posted this sooner, but I thought Representative Candice Miller’s shirt might have been printed with one of those digital bar codes, so I had to try scanning it with my smart phone.  That caused my phone to freeze dead with this image on the screen:

Here are some of the reasons for persistent high unemployment offered by the White House over the last few months:

1. George Bush.

2. Insufficient stimulus spending.

3. State and local budget cuts.

4. The debt crisis in Greece.

5. The debt crisis in Europe.

6. The tsunami in Japan.

7. Automated teller machines.

8. Computerized airport check-in kiosks.

9. Tornadoes in the Midwest.

10. Rising gas prices.

11. Uncertainty over the federal debt ceiling

12.  Low tax rates

Let’s see if the President can double the size of this list before time runs out in November 2012!