Cooking Up A Debate With Thad McCotter


Presidential candidate and Michigan Representative Thad McCotter will be part of the Ames straw poll, but he’s thus far been excluded from the televised debate that will be hosted by Fox News.  McCotter took to the kitchen to cook up a response.

While we’re on the topic of political foods, you might be interested to know that McCotter was willing to choke down this week’s sugar-coated Satan Sandwich, but he didn’t like it.  He said in a statement:

Upon receiving the initial framework of the Budget Control Act of 2011, I was concerned about the potentials for tax increases and military cuts during the ‘super committee’ and prospective sequestration processes.

After publicly raising these issues in the narrow window afforded before the vote, I then brought to and discussed with Speaker Boehner my concerns, which he shared and addressed.

Therefore, I voted for the bill, which constitutes an imperfect but imperative first step toward restoring fiscal integrity to a federal government that spends too much, takes too much, and owes too much.

McCotter seems like a good egg, if a bit corny, so I hope Fox will a peas him by allowing him to be grilled alongside the other candidates, for the benefit of couch potatoes everywhere.