CainCast Set to Premier this Sunday

Reflecting the importance of alternative media in a media cycle that is becoming more fragmented, former businessman and presidential contender Herman Cain will kick off
“CainCast” this Sunday.

“CainCast” will be a weekly radio Internet show devoted specifically to giving his fans and supporters an inside look into his campaign.

“Our aim is to be an extension of Mr. Cain using a dynamic platform that engages supporters and press,” Michael Johnson, Cain’s Director of New Media, said in a statement.

Creating a radio show dedicated to his campaign will allow Cain to tap into his main strengths, which are connecting to people with his strong communication skills and his no-nonsense style. It will also tie in well to his “Common Sense Solutions” bus tour through Iowa. Obviously, the years of experience speaking in front of a microphone will help a great deal in making CainCast a success.

Unlike his radio program in Atlanta, Cain will use CainCast to talk specifically about his campaign for president and keep listeners, and potential voters, informed about the week-to-week events that he attends and participates in. It will also have interactive features, as listeners can submit their questions in chat-rooms set up on the website.

CainCast premiers this Sunday, August 7 at 7:30 p.m. EDT, and it will run for a half an hour every Sunday evening.

You can watch CainCast here.