Cain and Bachmann Win Straw Polls Over the Weekend

At two conservative gatherings over the weekend, businessman Herman Cain and Michele Bachmann came away with straw poll victories.

At the Western Conservative Summit in Colorado, Cain won the straw poll with 48 percent of the vote. Texas Gov. Rick Perry came in second with 13 percent of the vote. Cain, Perry, Rick Santorum and and John Bolton spoke at the event.

At the Smart Girl Politics Summit, Bachmann narrowly won the first women’s presidential straw poll and Cain came in a close second.

The overwhelming choice of Rep. Bachmann and Herman Cain in the First Women’s Presidential Straw Poll shows that conservative women demand a true conservative – one that believes in fiscal responsibility, in limited government, and that will stand up for the grassroots,” says Stacy Mott, founder of Smart Girl Politics. “Attendees had a difficult time casting their vote.  Many were undecided, proving that candidates must communicate better with conservative women in order to win their support.  Smart Girl Politics congratulates Rep. Bachmann and looks forward to the continued support and communication of all candidates with grassroots conservative women.” says Stacy Mott, Founder of Smart Girl Politics.”

The Smart Girl Politics Straw Poll only had officially declared candidates on the ballot, meaning Perry and Sarah Palin were not on the ballot.

These two straw polls represented critical constituencies for Republicans in the 2012 election — women and voters in the mountain west.

There may be questions about how effectively Bachmann and Cain can organize on larger stages, but their respective wins over the weekend prove that both candidates bring to the table what some of the more staid Republican candidates lack: enthusiasm.

Last weekend also showed that Cain may be the hardest working candidate so far this cycle, as he attended both the Smart Girl Politics and Western Conservative Summits.