Obama Plays the Clock


President Obama popped out to give another little press conference on debt ceiling negotiations today.  He was over 10 minutes late again.  It takes a lot of careful preparation to tiptoe through a crisis like this, without reminding people that you personally have no plan, no ideas, and no concept of fiscal discipline. 

I once again call upon all news networks to shut off the cameras the next time Obama tries giving a “press conference” without presenting his own detailed budget plan.  There is nothing else the American people need to hear from him right now.

Alas, the cameras kept rolling, so we got to hear the man whose sole contribution to the budget debate came back in February, with a proposal so absurd that it was laughed out of Congress… and who speaks as the titular head of a party that hasn’t passed a budget in 821 days… complain that we’re “almost out of time.” 

I would like to ask the President, and every member of Congress, to sign a sworn statement that they knew the debt ceiling was approaching at least two years ago.  Then we can dispense with all the shocked attempts to panic us with the results of their failure to deal with this problem until the last possible moment.

Obama spoke primarily to declare the Boehner budget plan dead on arrival.  “Right now,” he intoned, “the House of Representatives is still trying to pass a bill that a majority of Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have already said they won’t vote for.  It’s a plan that would force us to relive this crisis in just a few short months, holding our economy captive to Washington politics once again.  In other words, it does not solve the problem, and it has no chance of becoming law.” 

That’s what Speaker Boehner gets for trying to make 90% “compromises” with Democrat extremists, and forgetting that Barack Obama cares far more about his re-election campaign than the future of the country.  Please, tell me more about how the Boehner compromise is “the best deal we can get,” and will protect the GOP from getting blamed for the debt ceiling crash.

By the way, who created a system that made it possible for our economy to be held “captive” to Washington politics?  Who loaded the gun that is now being held to our heads?  Won’t we become even more helpless hostages when the national debt hits $20 trillion, and the cost of servicing it has consumed most of the federal budget?

“What’s clear now is that any solution to avoid default must be bipartisan,” said the President.  “It must have the support of both parties that were sent here to represent the American people, not just one faction.”  Except for the faction that wants more government spending and higher debt.  That faction must be given everything it wants, without question!

When was it ever unclear that a solution must be bipartisan?  What would an entirely partisan, single-faction solution have looked like?  Oh, wait, I know: a clean increase in the debt ceiling, without any conditions whatsoever.

As luck would have it, there is a solution that would prevent default, address the deficit in a serious way, and enjoys strong bipartisan support, both in Congress and among the American people.  The sand pouring out of the debt ceiling hourglass is not a problem, because it’s already a fully written law that passed the House.  It’s called the Cut, Cap, and Balance Act.  It only needs four more Democrat signatures to pass the Senate.  Can we count on your support for that bipartisan solution, Mr. Obama?

Obama spoke approvingly of Harry Reid’s smoke-and-mirrors proposal to make some phantom “cuts” and push the next debt-ceiling crisis safely beyond Obama’s re-election, and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposal to give the President unilateral authority to spend trillions more in deficit money per year, in exchange for vague promises to set up commissions to think about some spending cuts later.  Neither of these “plans” is an actual bill with real numbers, like the Cut, Cap and Balance Act or Boehner’s compromise proposal.  And here I thought we were “running out of time.”

“There are plenty of modifications we can make to either of these plans in order to get them passed through both the House and the Senate, and would allow me to sign them into law,” Obama said, perfectly capturing the irresponsible approach to government that drove America over $14 trillion into the red.  We’ve had more than enough “modifications” that end up throwing expensive slabs of pork to hungry legislators in exchange for the votes, and bury our moribund economy beneath even more regulations.  No more super-sized bills that nobody actually reads.  It takes five pages to balance the budget.  2000 page bills are what make things worse.

“We agree on a process where the next step is a debate on tax reform and entitlement reform, and I’m ready and willing to have that debate,” said Obama.  The American people are tired of that old bait-and-switch routine, too.  More spending and debt immediately, in exchange for commissions and debates later.

Here’s an idea for the President and Congress: since the clock is running out, why don’t we stop all this time-wasting nonsense about ten-year spending reductions, triggers, mechanisms, and blue-ribbon commissions of the future, and talk only about spending cuts right now, measured against the new debt you want right now?  That seems like a logical approach to this moment of crisis, and do a lot more to introduce the wonderful “accountability” you keep talking about, wouldn’t it?  Ten-year plans with spending cuts in the “out years” are the opposite of accountability.

Obama made another thinly-veiled threat to stop paying “monthly Social Security checks, veteran’s benefits, and the government contracts we’ve signed with thousands of businesses” if he isn’t given more deficit money to spend.  He’s really stomping the myth of the Social Security “lockbox” into tiny little splinters.  The “government contracts” threat is new.  Let me continue my irresponsible spending, or your job will disappear!

The only real news to come out of this dreary press conference came from the demise of another threat Obama has been making all along.  “If we don’t come to an agreement, we could lose our country’s AAA credit rating… not because we didn’t have the capacity to pay our bills – we do – but because we didn’t have a AAA political system to match.”

You read that right, folks.  The President of the United States just admitted, on camera, that his incessant threats of default on the financial obligations of the United States were a pack of outrageous lies.  That’s an astonishing development.  In an earlier, better day, it would have been the end of him. 

Everyone more honest than Barack Hussein Obama has been saying all along that even if the government can’t go any further into debt, it has enough money to pay its entitlement and debt-interest obligations.  Any failure of payment would be a political decision, made by the President.  Obama has been quietly admitting this to nervous, big-money bankers for some time, but the public just got a taste of the truth that has been previously reserved for a privileged few.  The truth is always carefully rationed when someone like this President is in charge.

It’s also funny to hear someone who openly dreamed about being a dictator, when addressing a group called La Raza (“The Race”), complain that we don’t have a “AAA system of government.”  You know who did design such a primo, top-quality system?  The authors of the United States Constitution.  But Obama, the entire Democrat Party, and much of the Republican Party have very little use for their ideas about limited government and individual liberty.

Obama wrapped up by boasting of the “overwhelming” response to his call for Americans to get involved in the budget debate.  He’s right about that.  The Cut, Cap, and Balance Act has gigantic majority support from every segment of the population.  Too bad the President only hears the voices of people who submit to his demands.