Second Fort Hood Attack Thwarted


A second Fort Hood attack has apparently been thwarted, as the police department of Killeen, Texas took Army PFC Nasser Jason Abdo, 21, into custody today.  He was busted at a motel with firearms, bomb making components, and “other jihadist materials” according to a Fox News headline. 

I have not yet found any more details of what the “other jihadist materials” might be.  It was an entirely different sort of objectionable material that prompted Abdo to go AWOL from Fort Campbell in Kentucky a couple of weeks ago, as child pornography was found on his government computer. 

Abdo previously refused to deploy to Afghanistan, claiming conscientious objector status.  According to what appears to be his Facebook page, he sees himself as “engaged in a struggle against religious discrimination and for freedom of conscience in the U.S. Army.” 

His “favorite quotation” on Facebook says that “prayer and reflection have helped me to understand that I cannot be a soldier in the U.S. Army and continue to remain true to Islam as I now understand it.”  Apparently his understanding of Islam eventually led to guns, bombs, and child pornography.

Last August, CNN did an interview with Abdo about his application for conscientious objector status, which was initially denied, but later approved by an Army review board.  “We have two things that I believe make us American, and that’s freedom of religion and freedom of choice,” he asserted.  It looks like he left out “freedom to live” on purpose.

Abdo was initially detained for “acting suspiciously” near Fort Hood. According to MSNBC, “A U.S. military official said Abdo had been overheard saying he wanted to attack Fort Hood and that he repeated the statement after he was in custody.” 

There have also been reports of two other soldiers being arrested with weapons and explosives.  CNN reports that Abdo will be brought up on federal charges, perhaps as early as this afternoon.