Obama's a Hopeless Spending Addict, and the GOP MUST Make That Point

President Obama is an OPM addict.  Our commander-in-chief is addicted to spending “other people’s money.”  Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) is his pusher.  The establishment media are his enablers.   

Consider what’s happening in Washington right now with the debt crisis.

After tossing the Republican Cut, Cap and Balance Act aside without debate, Reid said House Speaker John Boehner’s plan—which would require $1.1 trillion in new spending cuts and no tax increases—was “written for the Tea Party, not the American people.”

So Reid equates Tea Party members with illegal aliens?

Whatever his insult is supposed to mean, Reid insisted Senate Democrats “would not vote” for Boehner’s proposal.  Speaker Boehner’s budget plan would legalize America’s borrowing authority until April of next year, and would also require a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment by Oct. 1.

Reid, finally forced to put forth his own plan, suggests little reform.  His would raise the debt ceiling by a record-breaking $2.7 trillion while relying on getting many of its alleged budget cuts from defense expenditures in anticipation of our nation’s war on terrorism drawing to a close.

Enter the biased cavalcade of Obama’s bitch-made media.

CNN’s Piers Morgan—for once not busy denying accusations he hacked phones in Britain—called conservative lawmakers’ anti-tax stance “crazy” and cudgeled them for not “compromising.”  The New York Times ominously proclaimed, “House Republicans have lost sight of the country’s welfare.”

While the media spotlight focuses on conservatives, Obama is getting little scrutiny for his stunning lack of leadership.

Despite the media circling the wagons for the President, Republicans still have a strong case to make.  They just need to grow a pair and take their message to the American people.

Here’s how.

Republicans should ask:  Since when is presidential leadership defined by making America poorer?

If President Obama “wins” the debt-ceiling debate and gets to borrow more from abroad, does America win?  Without deep cuts to address our runaway spending, future generations will bare the burden of paying the bill.

Does Obama really think bankrupting the future is the strategy for winning the future?  Do our children deserve to inherit an America owned by our creditors? 

Without the anchor of his own plan, Obama has had the luxury of demagoguing the debate.  If our national credit rating is downgraded—which may happen no matter how much the debt ceiling is raised, taxes go up or spending goes down—Obama can blame conservatives in Congress for allegedly not compromising.

But compromising with what?

That’s the sticky situation.  Obama has done himself a grave disservice.  His lack of leadership and subterfuge as crisis grips the nation will likely earn him a sorry place in presidential history.

Political victory, as defined by Obama, is how best he can rob from future generations.

Obama is on track to delude the great pantheon of presidential leadership down to how well a President can financially destroy his own country.

For this, Obama’s place in presidential history will be a humiliating one.

History books will one day read:  Lincoln freed the slaves.  Kennedy took us to the moon. Reagan won the Cold War.  Obama raised the debt ceiling.

Congratulations!  What a legacy. 

And what do Congressional Democrats “win?”

They risk being easily cast by their political opposition as reckless and committed to more taxes and more spending over reform and stability.

Again Republicans should ask:  Since when did it become liberal or conservative to want the best value for the cheapest price or to want to live within one’s means?

Hard-earned tax dollars should be spent sensibly, which has zero to do with ideology.  But in just two years, Obama has exploded the national debt and his spending binge has created more debt than all of his predecessors combined. 

While Obama’s defenders in the establishment media and on Capitol Hill seek to blame conservatives for any bad results of this debt crisis, conservative Republicans should be steadfast in reminding the American people of the high costs of Obamanomics.

Seemingly lost on all the debt talk is the continuing high unemployment rate and stagnant economy.  It’s too far along to blame George W. Bush.  Obama owns the current economic morass.  Yet, he’s still focused on his reelection.

His campaign slogan:  Donate millions so I can spend trillions.

Ultimately, Obama’s “stash” of OPM is drying up.  His spending binge has created a deluge of debt.  If we don’t get our government to rehab soon, the addiction will be America’s undoing.