What I'm Worried About This Summer: The Three Catastrophes Threatening America

‪This week in the newsletter, I want try something different. ‪

I’d like to start a dialogue about where we are going as a country, and I’d like to hear from you. ‪
‪Watching the political elites in Washington and Europe this summer fail to deal effectively with current threats has convinced me that we are drifting toward three separate but mutually reinforcing catastrophes that will require our best effort to reverse. ‪
‪The three threats I worry about are:
‪1. The continuing decline of our manufacturing economy and the growing likelihood that we will soon live in the shadow of a stronger, more modern China. Our national security will then depend on Chinese tolerance rather than American strength. 
‪2. The concerted effort to fundamentally alter American Civilization. This includes a judicial elite driving God out of public life and an educational elite that refuses to teach American history. It includes a domestic bureaucracy which seeks to control a free people, a foreign policy elite which seeks to subordinate American sovereignty to international organizations, and a news media which cynically ridicules serious efforts to discuss historic crises. (See my book A Nation Like No Other and our documentary A City Upon a Hill for more details.)
‪3. The results of the intellectual dishonesty of American and European elites when faced with radical Islamists who are dedicated to destroying our civilization and seeking weapons capable of killing huge numbers of civilians. (See our documentary America at Risk for more details.)
‪All three of these changes have the potential to lead to catastrophe for America, but all three can be avoided if we have leadership and citizens dedicated to thinking through and implementing historic decisions.
‪‪Unfortunately, there is no serious discussion in Washington or any other Western capital of how truly dangerous these threats are. Since the elites do not even view these changes as threats, they feel under no requirement to find solutions. ‪
‪The best method for solving problems is to identify them clearly and to determine what success would require. Only then can we strategize about how to get there. ‪
‪This week, I want to ask you: What do you think success would require? ‪
‪Do you agree that a declining American economy (and especially a declining science, technology and manufacturing base) risks our very freedom by making us subordinate to a Chinese dictatorship which will own our debt and build new military capabilities we potentially can’t match? ‪
‪Do you agree that American Exceptionalism is the key to our unique civilization and should be reasserted in courts, schools, and the structure of government? ‪
‪Do you agree that radical Islamists are a greater threat than our leaders admit and could be a devastating danger to our safety and to our freedom? ‪

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. Send me your thoughts or what you’ve been reading and I’ll try to respond in the newsletter in a few weeks. ‪

Few of our leaders talk openly about our most serious long term challenges. Citizens will have to demand changes on the scale America needs. ‪

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