Bolivian President Fears Cocaine Entrapment

Bolivian president Evo Morales is scheduled to attend a United Nations meeting today, but a few days ago he publicly declared he was nervous about making the trip… because he thinks the Obama Administration will plant drugs on his plane.

CNN gets Morales’ fears on the record:

“Do you know what? I think they have to be preparing something,” he told a convention of female farm workers over the weekend. “So much that I’m afraid to go with our airplane to the United States. Surely when we arrive, they can plant something and detain the presidential plane.”

Morales said he was still planning to attend the meeting, but feared a U.S. plot.

“They are preparing something to discredit us with drug trafficking,” he said.

Morales is as far Left as they come, so his delusions are indulged by the international community.  Under his leadership, Bolivia entered the vanguard of the “Rights of the Earth” movement, passing a law to extend human rights to “bugs, trees, and all other natural things.”  They even have a Ministry of Mother Earth to “hear nature’s complaints, as voiced by activists and other groups.” 

Morales wants the United Nations to create a similar ministry, and impose its judgments on the industrialized world.  Obama’s job-killing minions at the Environment Protection Agency can only watch in silent awe and eat their hearts out.

One of the plants Morales is especially concerned with is the coca plant.  He used to be the top guy at the Bolivian union of coca growers, and views American concern with cocaine trafficking as an insult, even though Bolivia is the world’s third-largest exporter of cocaine.  He got into a row with the Bush Administration over his love for the coca leaf, and ended up expelling both the U.S. ambassador and the DEA.

Of course, Morales says he loves the coca plant for all of its other uses, and just hates those drug smugglers.  That’s why he’s convinced the luggage compartment of his jet will be packed with Bolivian snow to discredit him when he returns from his U.N. performance.

It’s not as if Obama hasn’t tried to be nice to Morales.  In the early days of the Obama Administration, there was an alleged assassination plot against the Bolivian president.  The perpetrators, who all contracted terminal lead poisoning after an encounter with the Bolivian police, included an Irishman and a Romanian.  Bizarrely, Morales demanded Obama denounce this plot and declare the assassins weren’t working for him… and Obama did as Morales demanded, saying at a news conference, “I just want to make absolutely clear that I am absolutely opposed and condemn any efforts at violent overthrows of democratically elected governments, wherever it happens in the hemisphere.”

Obama’s meek submission to the madness of Morales did not win him any new respect from La Paz.  By July of 2009, Morales was accusing Obama of lying when he said he wanted to build better relations with Latin America.  He also publicly castigated Obama for “expelling” so many Latin American immigrants from the United States.  “Our brothers who come to the U.S., to Europe, to survive, to reach a better station in life… they are thrown out.  What kind of policy is that?” he said in a speech at Hunter College last September.

Morales doesn’t understand why Obama doesn’t see things his way, since the American president is a fellow “discriminated indigenous peasant leader.”  As he explained in an October 2010 interview:

I had hoped that a discriminated African-American, with another discriminated indigenous peasant leader, I hoped that together we could work for justice and equality. Not only for just two countries, Bolivia and USA, but for equality around the world.

Then he killed my hopes with his comments, for example, about the issue of our fight against drug trafficking.

One might argue that Morales isn’t personally deluded – he’s smartly playing the levers of Bolivia’s dysfunctional politics.  Perhaps he looks eccentric because he does what it takes to retain power in an eccentric country, including public speculation about CIA agents planting bags of coke on his plane.  He wouldn’t be the most deranged leader to address the United Nations.  The U.N. has no sanity test for membership, which is why it spends so little time on wisely addressing global issues, and so much time humoring paranoid fantasies.

If President Obama wants to build better relations with Bolivia, perhaps he should consider appointing a new ambassador, one who can better appreciate the Morales style.  I hear Oregon Representative David Wu will be looking for a job soon.