Accept Jihad, Or Children Will Die

Don’t resist jihad terror and Islamic supremacism—just surrender, for the sake of the children.
That is the message from the Left and its Islamic supremacist allies this week, in the wake of the horrific murders of more than 70 people at a Norwegian youth camp.  Just as Leftists for years have positioned every statist and socialist measure they’ve come up with as “for the children,” now they’re using a massacre of youths in Norway to try to end all resistance to the global jihad.  Their pawn in this case is the mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik who went on a spree of carnage at a Norwegian youth camp Friday, and couldn’t be better positioned to advance the Leftist agenda if he had come from central casting.
Sixteen years (and thousands of Islamic jihad terror attacks) after Tim McVeigh detonated a truck bomb in front of a government building in Oklahoma City, the Left and the mainstream media finally have another white, non-Muslim terrorist upon whom they can hang their moral equivalency arguments that, as Rosie O’Donnell put it a few years back, “Radical Christianity is just as dangerous as radical Islam.” Breivik is blonde, Nordic, and widely reported to be a “Christian fundamentalist,” although he himself stated in a lengthy manifesto, “I’m not going to pretend I’m a very religious person as that would be a lie.”
In that manifesto he inveighs at length against Marxism, multiculturalism, the statist policies of the European Union, and Europe’s supine response to Islamization.  He cites many of the leading figures of the resistance to the spread of Sharia and Islamic supremacism in Europe and America—including me.  His arguments for the defense of Western nations and the preservation of Western values and civilization echo many of those that leading anti-jihadists have made.
And yet he is a mass murderer.  Accordingly, the blame game has begun in earnest.  The New York Times warned that “opposition to Muslim immigrants, globalization, the power of the European Union and the drive toward multiculturalism has proven a potent political force and, in a few cases, a spur to violence.”  The leftist English blog Harry’s Place expressed the general line of the mainstream media when it intoned:  “The more this paranoid ideology grows, the more the danger increases that there will be other Breiviks.  It is time the people who have relentlessly promoted notions of ‘Islamisation’ and impending cultural doom take a long hard look at exactly what they are doing, and exactly where this is likely to go.”  The implication is clear: If you resist the increasingly aggressive expansion of Islam in Europe, more children will be murdered.
The logic here is absurd, albeit oft-used on the Left.  Just as the deranged Jared Loughner’s shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was initially blamed on Rush Limbaugh and Sarah Palin, so now the Left is using Breivik to try to discredit and silence the entire anti-jihad movement, as if this psychopath’s murders prove that his political proclivities are lethal in themselves.  This would be like saying that no one can question Western policies vis-à-vis the Islamic world, for to do so would make one responsible for the 17,000 deadly jihad attacks that Muslims have committed worldwide since 9/11.  It would be like saying that the Beatles were responsible for the Charles Manson murders because he thought he heard exhortations to kill in their songs, or that Jodie Foster was responsible for the shooting of Ronald Reagan because in John Hinckley’s befogged mind he thought it would impress her.
The intent of this campaign is clear.  The scholars, politicians and activists who have spoken out about the threat to human rights and constitutional principles that jihad and Islamization pose have never advocated any kind of violence or illegal activity.  By tarring them with the murders of Anders Breivik, the enemies of freedom hope to quash all resistance to the advance of Islamic supremacism in the West.  It is ironic that the Left is so energetically pursuing this campaign, given that as soon as they get the chance, the Islamic supremacists for whom Leftists are carrying water will extinguish the freedom of speech, the freedom of conscience, equality of rights for women, and numerous other rights and freedoms that enlightened multiculturalists take for granted now.  But by then it will be too late, as they will have silenced the only people who were sounding a warning.