'Shared' Sacrifice Means the Poor Give Up Their Share Too

Talks on the budget and raising the debt ceiling have added to the liberal lexicon, the latest addition being “shared sacrifice.”  Obama has doubled the deficit in just over two years, outspending all previous Presidents combined, however somehow America’s deficit problem is the fault of the rich?  Obama doesn’t have a spending problem.  It is the rich who are not allowing enough shared sacrifice.
I disagree.  I say it is the poor who are able to work but too lazy to do so who are not offering enough shared sacrifice.  Liberals are always discussing shared sacrifice, as long as it comes from those already shouldering the sacrifice.  But what liberals don’t want Americans to do is to put America’s poor under the microscope.
You want to be rich?  The Left says you are a racist, capitalist pig, thinking only about yourself.
Well, I’m sick of the constant demonizing of the rich by the Left, when the poor (able of body and mind) are the real demons, and apparently free to behave as unscrupulously as they want.
There are hoards of poor people in America doing nothing more than conniving on how to get something for nothing.  And I’m not talking about the blatant criminals, like car-jackers or armed robbers.  I have more respect for them than America’s lazy poor, because at least an armed robber has to actually get off his butt to “work,” even if it is for nefarious deeds.  Their crimes pale in comparison to the loads of people who are robbing the system daily, through the industry built by liberals around “how to get over at the expense of others.”
I will say this for the umpteenth time:  America’s poor are not poor in comparison to the rest of the world.  Despite that, I wouldn’t want to live the life of the poor who are at the behest of the government.  Getting away from government dependence is supposed to be an incentive, not a lure.
Our able-bodied-and-mind poor have their government handouts, and their side gigs—illegal hustles or work off the books.  For the most part, America’s poor live pretty well off the largesse of their taxpayer-funded homes and food, with amenities like cable TV, video games and so on.  Do you think America’s poor live like Africa’s poor, India’s poor or China’s poor.  The Left is quick to compare America to the rest of the world in things like health care or amount of money spent on military, and so on.  But when it comes to comparing our poor to the poor in other countries, lefties quickly zip their otherwise loose lips.
Here’s the dirty secret:  America’s “poor” constitute royalty in most other countries.
Unlike the poor of the past, today’s poor in America create very little, so much so that “the rich” have become their benefactors, caretakers and babysitters.  The poor in America have been taught that they can do nothing for themselves; moreover, they’d better not even try.
There was a time in America when the poor strove to become rich, and we used their stories as beacons of hope.  And if they didn’t become rich, at the very least they were contributors.
Back in the day, innovation in America came from the poor, people looking to build a better mousetrap.  Necessity is no longer the mother of invention, however, as necessity has become some corpulent liberal nag sitting around having babies, eating Funyuns with one hand, while the other is filled by some unsuspecting working stiff.
Liberals have destroyed ambition in the poor.  In liberals’ constant search for “just enough for them to get by, but not enough for them to get ahead,” liberals have created a perennial underclass that keeps the liberal elites in power.
Ironically, for those who do manage to make it out, they are still products of their own demise.  The Oprah Winfreys of the world remain staunchly liberal, and credit the government for their success.  Government can contribute to your success, but government can’t make you successful.
There are far too many scam artists—creations of the Left—who drain the life out of this nation, all for the sake of getting over.  How else would we have 50% of Americans not paying taxes, and 47% of the people in this country (note I did not say “Americans”) receiving some sort of entitlement at the expense of the taxpayers?
It’s been proven time and time again that if you give people a free ride, they do not appreciate such a bounty as much as if they worked for their place in life.  Hard work and sacrifice create a good ethic.  America practically gives away education, and the outcome is the most uneducated citizenry in the history of our nation.  Government gives away housing, but would you want to live in a government housing project?
America doesn’t define dreams, she just makes dreams come true, at least for those who dare to dream.  But liberals are dream thieves.  And they have stolen dreams and imaginations from entire generations of Americans, so much so that even our immigrants have become shiftless and lazy.
In replace of these dreams, liberals have created nightmares for those still silly enough to believe that hard work pays off. Here’s a tip:  Under liberalism, “Life sucks, then you die!”
It’s time for the poor to give back.  The 5% to 7% of Americans who are in real need can and should be excluded.  However, the 40% of this country who represent the takers and professional thieves can forgo 21-inch rims, gold grills, better cellular plans, vacations to Hawaii and casino gambling, and join the rest of us to exercise shared sacrifice.