Guess What? The Majority of Americans DO Want A "Balanced??? Approach to the Deficit

During his last press conference on the budget crisis, President Obama invented a fraudulent statistic that “80% of the American people support a ‘balanced’ approach,” which he defined as “an approach that includes revenues and includes cuts.”  In other words, the same old tax increases now plus “spending cuts” that never come later swindle Americans are subjected to several times per decade.

No one could ever find a poll that came anywhere near supporting Obama’s statistic, which was one of many ridiculous things said by a man cracking under the weight of his ideology, and drunk with the conviction that nobody in the press will ever challenge his fabrications.  Personally, I’m still waiting for his detailed list of $10.5 trillion in spending cuts that will “take down domestic spending to the lowest percentage of our overall economy since Dwight Eisenhower,” which he claims he “already said” he is willing to do.

Yesterday, CNN released an astonishing poll that shows there is overwhelming majority support for a “balanced” approach to deficit reduction: the Republican “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan, which already passed the House – and, as Senator Jim DeMint has repeatedly pointed out, is therefore the “only plan on the table,” because no other proposal could be ready for passage before the August 2 debt-ceiling deadline hits. 

That’s why Obama suddenly performed a humiliating reversal on his furious insistence that short-term deals are absolutely unacceptable.  He realized the Democrat strategy of ignoring their budgeting duties until the last possible moment, to create a massive panic they could use to extract more taxes from the public, has blown up in their faces.  They stalled for so long that it’s literally impossible for them to propose an alternative to the plan passed by the true deficit fighters in the Republican House majority.  It’s either “Cut, Cap, and Balance,” or we hit the hard limit on the debt ceiling… or we pass the kind of short-term deal Obama said just one week ago that he was willing to “bring my Presidency down” to avoid.

Democrat irresponsibility and greed has backed them into a checkmate, from which actual, responsible budgeting may finally begin, for the first time in generations.  The CNN poll leaves absolutely no doubt where the American people stand… and I mean every segment of the population.  The poll shows 66% approval overall for Cut, Cap, and Balance, with majority support from every group: conservatives, liberals, Democrats, Republicans, old, young, you name it.  Every one of those demographics offers support above 50%, and most of them are over 60%.

If that cross-demographic support isn’t enough to drive home the public’s sincere conviction that Cut, Cap, and Balance is the right thing to do, consider that the same poll shows that 63% think Republicans “have not acted responsibly” during the debt ceiling debate, but only 46% say the same about Obama.  It’s a poll of adults, not registered or likely voters, and such polls always skew to the Left.  And yet, they still support Cut, Cap, and Balance – proposed and passed by the Republicans they view as more “irresponsible” than the President who lies incessantly, throws pointless temper tantrums, and has never made a single concrete proposal of his own. 

The poll internals also reveal strong majority support for all the tired old class-warfare tropes, with over 70% in favor of raising taxes on oil companies, people who make over $250,000 per year (“millionaires” in Democrat Party rhetoric) and, of course, private jet owners. 

The CNN poll respondents also declared 66% support for something along the lines of the “Gang of Six” proposal, cutting between $2 trillion and $4 trillion in spending over ten years while raising taxes on “some businesses and higher-income Americans.”  No such legislation is available for a vote, and none will be, prior to August 2.

The big takeaway is that even a polling sample that buys into every one of the President’s class-warfare tactics still wants Cut, Cap, and Balance – the death warrant for liberal socialism.  It would transform the government far more than Obama has been able to transform us.  The people are solidly behind it. 

In the coming days, Americans will see themselves politically defeated by the Democrat Party, which will certainly kill the CCB bill.  Your turn to defeat them will come in 2012, after which we can talk about Cut, Cap, and Balance again.