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Spenditol: Recommended By Concerned Women Everywhere


Concerned Women for America is rolling out an exciting new product with a big TV ad campaign.  It’s just the thing for those annoying muscle aches that come from getting crushed against the debt ceiling.

Warning: Contact your doctor if you use this product for over 70 years without achieving the promised results.  Excessive doses are extremely unhealthy, but also very likely.  If you experience feelings of nausea, dizziness, hope, change, audacity, or bankruptcy, discontinue use immediately. 

 This product is covered by Medicare, Medicaid, ObamaCare, and every other government program.  Concerned Women for America is not responsible for damaged caused from misuse of Spenditol, because nobody is responsible for anything anymore.


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John Hayward began his blogging career as a guest writer at Hot Air under the pen name "Doctor Zero," producing a collection of essays entitled Doctor Zero: Year One. He is a great admirer of free-market thinkers such as Arthur Laffer, Milton Friedman, and Thomas Sowell. He writes both political and cultural commentary, including book and movie reviews. An avid fan of horror and fantasy fiction, he has produced an e-book collection of short horror stories entitled Persistent Dread. John is a former staff writer for Human Events. He is a regular guest on the Rusty Humphries radio show, and has appeared on numerous other local and national radio programs, including G. Gordon Liddy, BattleLine, and Dennis Miller.

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