Prominent Democrats Swimming in News Corp Cash

Many on the left have long suffered from Fox Derangement Syndrome, an malady caused when your world view formed by years of relentless liberal indoctrination is clouded by facts and opposing points of view. Typical symptons include tantrums, frequent and repetitive verbal outbursts, delusions, loss of self-esteem and the propensity to see bogeymen where none exist.

Fox Derangement Syndrome has no known cure.

While prevalent in the 15-odd years the Fox News Channel has been on the air, an aggressive strain of the disease went airborne once Barack Obama occupied the White House and it’s spread through much of the media and so-called “think tanks” of the left. Message boards and comments sections on pretty much every leftwing site are drenched in anti-Fox hyperbole, most accompanied with the always clever Faux News designation.

So it should be interesting to see the reaction to the news that political contributions from News Corp, owners of Fox News, the New York Post and Wall Street Journal (among other outlets) have actually split nearly evenly over the period since 1989, according to a report from the Sunlight Foundation.

According to the Sunlight Foundation’s Influence Explorer,  News Corp’s political givings are actually split pretty evenly between Democrats (51 percent) and Republicans (49 percent).

Now that split shouldn’t come as a surprise considering most major corporations divide contributions to both parties and often steer money to politicians with whom they may do business, in particular committee chairs, and to those who may come from states or districts where they do business.

Yet despite the virulent anti-Fox campaign by the White House since 2009, it’s quite curious to discover the top recipient of News Corp money in its history, by a wide margin, is none other than Barack Obama, who’s raked in $368,669. Trailing Obama, in order, are Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, Barbara Boxer, Gray Davis (yes, really!) and LA Congressmen Howard Berman. Also in the top ten is Charles Schumer, who should receive a special plaque in the Grifter Hall of Fame as being both a top recipient of filty Murdoch lucre and the top earner from Bernie Madoff while he was running the DSCC. In case there’s any confusion, those are all Democrats.

Republicans making in into the top ten are John McCain, George W. Bush and John E. Sununu, though what they received pales next to the top Democrats.

The study does not break down into individual contributions, but it’s likely safe to say a good chunk of the money falling under the News Corp banner could well be traced to the entertainment division of the company. At the same time, most news organizations prohibit individual contributions from on-air employees. It would be interesting to see whether other large corporations with news organizations (GE, which until recently controlled MSNBC, for example, or the New York Times Company and their subsidiaries) distributed contributions so evenly.

Somehow I get the hunch contributions from the NYT to Republicans aren’t nearly as generous as those from News Corp to Democrats.

Then we come to contributions made by the News Corp’s employees, their family members, and its political action committee for 2009-2010. Guess who tops that list? Barbara Boxer, Henry “Nostrilitus” Waxman and Berman.

We then have the subsidiary News America Holdings, listing contributions dating back to 1999. In a stunning development, Massachusetts Democrat Ed Markey tops that list, followed again by Berman. Schumer also is on that list. Imagine if you could monetize every appearance the  ubiquitous Schumer makes on FNC. That could run into the millions.

Then we come to News America Holdings contributions for 2009-2010, and wouldn’t you know it, that list is topped by Nancy Pelosi, Berman and Schumer, all receiving $10,000.

So again, while we’ll note it’s smart business for corporations to spread their donations around to both parties, the reality is News Corp is not quite the “far right” entity is portrayed as. And in light of the trumped up, blown out of all proportion hacking “scandal” consuming the attention of much of the lamestream media, it’s curious that none of these Democrats who happily filled their campaign coffers with News Corp money are in no rush to return it.

Heck, it took Schumer years to return his Madoff money.

An interesting side note: The politician who has the most money personally invested in News Corp is none other than Kerry, who we’ll remind you once again served in Vietnam. Of course that’s probably all money his wife inherited from her late first husband.

Meanwhile, this news has left the flying monkeys at the George Soros-funded Media Matters reeling. To wit:

If it seems like Obama got a lot of money from News Corp. employees, that’s because he got a lot of money from a lot of people in 2008.

Some really deep thinkers over there.