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News From the Land of Casey Anthony


Florida is a sun-drenched land whose exports include sugar, oranges, and Casey Anthony.  The Florida court system has been hard at work manufacturing a new outrage since the Anthony trial ended, and it looks like some exciting new product is coming off the assembly line.

Here are the particulars:

Miranda Wilkerson is a four-year old girl who current lives with her grandmother.

Her mother, Trista Crews Coleman, was tragically killed in a car crash, only a month after Miranda was born.

Trista met her future husband, Donald Coleman, when she was 14 and he was 38.  She married him when she was sixteen, and had three children with him.

Coleman was then arrested, and pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving a child under 16.  He became a registered sex offender.

Trista left Donald Coleman afterward, but didn’t get a divorce.  According to her mother, she felt she could not afford one.  Donald Coleman eventually did file for divorce, but Trista died before it could be completed.

Trista met another man, who became the father of her fourth child, Miranda.  This man evidently has no interest in his daughter, because she ended up living with her grandma.

Now, guess what just happened.  Remember, this is Florida.  Give up?  Watch the video clip below for the answer.


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