Obama's Social Security Horror Movie

Freddy Krueger and Jason could learn a little from Barack Obama.

He’s getting darn good at scaring the Ensure out of seniors.

The President told CBS last that if the debt ceiling weren’t raised, he couldn’t guarantee that Social Security payments would hit the mailboxes of the elderly.  That line has been incessantly repeated by members of his own party, as if the only thing standing in the way of seniors and their next meal is the fact that corporate jet owners are still depreciating the costs of their aircrafts.

But here’s the rub.  Haven’t Democrats been telling us for years that Social Security is solvent?  Heck, just this last February (Democrats often forget there’s a little something-something called LexisNexis) President Obama’s own director for the Office of Management and Budget, Jack Lew, wrote that not only is Social Security on strong footing, “the trust fund is currently in surplus and growing.”

Lew emphatically stated that “Social Security does not cause our deficits,” adding more sweet odes to the Democrat mythology that “taxes are placed in a trust fund dedicated to paying benefits owed to current and future beneficiaries.”

Psst, Jack, the whole “lockbox” thing is soooo Al Gore circa 2000.  Get with the times, man!

Okay, so an official in the Obama White House is massaging the truth, huh?  Shocker.  But what’s really contemptible is that the media have allowed the White House to get away with simultaneously arguing that Social Security is fully secured and that if we don’t raise the debt ceiling (that is, borrow more), seniors won’t get their checks.

In a nutshell, the media have turned away while Obama has adopted two virtually contradictory positions on Social Security.  I guess we shouldn’t be surprised at that one either. 

Thankfully, not all media outlets are still drunk off their faces with Hope and Change.  Some do have, er, integrity.

Here’s a reporter for “America’s Morning News” confronting Jack Lew on how exactly Social Security can be both entirely self-funded yet broke at the same time.

Naturally, Lew whisks himself away rather quickly from our friend with the camera.  Only softball questions allowed by this administration!

The reality, of course, is that the Left’s much-ballyhooed “trust fund” is nothing more than a fraudulent accounting maneuver in which government bureaucrats spend Social Security taxes on whatever they want … but not before replacing the cash money with a big, fat IOU.

Details, details.