Taliban Executes Pakistani Policemen

Back in June, our partners in peace at the Taliban staged a raid into Pakistan, and captured fifteen Pakistani police at a border checkpoint.  As reported by the UK Telegraph, the captives were executed by a Taliban firing squad over the weekend, joining over 3500 Pakistani soldiers and police to die at the hands of the Taliban..

The execution was videotaped by a Taliban cameraman.  The Telegraph has the video available for viewing here.  (Warning: graphic imagery.)  The Pakistani military believes the footage is genuine.

Here is the Telegraph’s description of the event:

In the video, a Taliban commander, his face hidden by a scarf wrapped into a turban, delivers a brief speech declaring policemen enemies of Islam and deserving of death.

“These are the enemies of Allah’s religion and have left Islam. Allah orders to kill such people,” he said, speaking in the local Pashto language.

He goes on to accuse them of killing six children in the north-western valley of Swat using a firing squad.

The commander and his fighters then open fire with AK-47s. As the bearded policemen fall to the ground, some moan and cry.

They are silenced with shots from close range.

As you may recall, during his Afghanistan withdrawal speech, President Obama invited the Taliban to “reconcile” with the Afghan people, provided they “break from al-Qaeda and abandon violence.”  The abandonment of violence appears to have been postponed again.

Would someone from the international “human rights” community, which feels so free to lecture Americans about the horrors of Texas executions after ten years of appeals, please send the Taliban a fresh copy of the Geneva Conventions?  I think they might have lost theirs.